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TRS XML extracts use FMS Transmission Message schema version 4.3. If your agency is implementing a system-to-system interface between TRS and your system, your IT staff must download a set of seven files. Instructions follow:

  1. You may go to the legacy web site at and download the files under Current Transmission.

    Where to find 4.3 XML schema

    If you have problems viewing the XSD documents through your Web browser, click here to download XML Notepad 2007, a free XML reader available from Microsoft. Select here to view the XSD.

  2. OR, access the zip files for the FMS Transmission Message schema version 4.3 from this page:

    Step 1: Click on this link.

    Step 2: Select Save to a location on your computer.

    Do you want to open or save file?

    Step 3: Go to the location where you saved the zip file, double click the zip file and extract the files from the zipped FMS_Schema_4.3 folder.

    WinZip file box

  3. OR, if you are unable to download zip files, the unzipped files for the FMS Transmission Message schema version 4.3 are as follows (all 7 files are required). Save the individual files to your computer:

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014