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Getting Ready for TRS

How to Prepare for TRS

The TRS project's phased-implementation and agency outreach efforts offer agencies the opportunity to learn about TRS and prepare for the new system internally before CA$HLINK II (CL II) ) sunsets. Steps that agencies should begin taking to prepare for TRS include:

  • Assess what internal preparations your agency will need to make to integrate TRS into your financial management processes

  • Increase your reliance on TRS for deposit reporting

Ensuring Agency Data is in TRS

Under the architecture designed by the Collections and Cash Management Modernization (CCMM) initiative, TRS will receive data from a limited number of sources. Other Treasury initiatives will consolidate legacy data sources into modernized collections channels. Agencies must assure that over-the-counter collections are reported through OTCnet. For more information about OTCnet, click here.

Agency Preparation

The TRS Agency Outreach Team has prepared the following checklist of internal FPA activitiesWord Document Format File suggested for review and potential updating to smooth an agency’s transition to TRS:

  • Migrate to FMS initiatives which will provide data to TRS
  • Review policies that may be impacted
  • Assess potential process changes
  • Identify potential system-to-system interfaces that may need to change
  • Review internal reports and data downloads that may require modification or development
  • Analyze job descriptions, classifications, and training needs
  • Review and update existing training programs
  • Determine if budget modifications will be required.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014