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The TRS Team offers periodic Webinars to allow us to reach a broader audience and share our content with agencies unable to physically attend conferences. For questions about upcoming TRS Webinars or be included in our next Webinar notification list, please contact the TRS Agency Outreach Team at

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CA$HLINK II: Countdown to Shutdown Webinar and print version of Questions and Answers: March 27, 2012: "Action Planning for your TRS Transition" walked viewers through a comparison of CA$HLINK II reports and their TRS equivalents, data availability in TRS, and the other FMS programs related to CCMM as well as the shutdown of CA$HLINK II. The second part, "Introduction to the Payment Information Repository (PIR)" introduced viewers to the future centralized information repository for federal payment-related data.

CA$HLINK II: Countdown to Shutdown Webinar (Streaming) Download

Agency Reporting Iteration 3 (ARI 3) Learning Session Webinar, October 27, 2011: The TRS Team hosted learning sessions in October 2011 to inform agencies of upcoming changes with ARI 3 and demonstrations of TRS ARI 3 reporting features.

Agency Reporting Iteration 3 (ARI 3) Learning Session

"Introduction to TRS" Webinar, May 24 – 25, 2011: The "Introduction to TRS" Webinar provided a comprehensive overview of TRS, its planned functionality and what agencies are expected to do in order to prepare for the transition.

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TRS leadership regularly presents an overview of TRS at federal financial conferences. Please look for us at these upcoming events:

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