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Agency Involvement in TRS

Agency Involvement in TRS

The TRS Team believes that users know best what they need in order to complete their work. Beginning late in 2008 with a pilot program, TRS has provided formal mechanisms for Federal Program Agency (FPA) users to provide feedback on the system, reports, training, reference materials, and enrollment procedures. Drawing from FPA feedback, the TRS team has been able to make each of these aspects of TRS more user-friendly.

For example, prior to report design, feedback from a mock-up report and additional input were solicited from participants in full-day overview sessions. Subsequently, 10 volunteers from the earlier sessions reviewed prototype reports. After their input was incorporated, revised reports were reviewed by an additional 90 potential users. Members of the TRS Agency User Group will be involved in similar reviews of other reports as they are developed and tested. (See Sample Reports.)

Participants in the TRS Agency User Group meetings and “Introduction to TRS” sessions have given and will continue to give feedback to TRS project leadership.

"Introduction to TRS" Sessions

Many agency representatives participated in a comprehensive, full-day overview of TRS, specifically designed to assist those planning for their agency’s enrollment in TRS and the shutdown of CA$HLINK II. Participation in an "Introduction to TRS" session helped decision-makers who will be guiding their agencies’ transition to TRS to make appropriate preparations. Participants provided feedback on the planned system and reports, helping refine the development plans for TRS; collaborated and exchanged information with FMS, the TRS Team, and other agencies; and learned about the transition of agencies to TRS and their agencies' timing for enrollment.

The TRS Team is no longer conducting these full-day sessions. An "Introduction to TRS" Webinar was conducted over a two-day period in May 2011. For an overview of TRS, select the link to view the Webinar.

As time moves closer to CA$HLINK II being turned off, future Webinars will focus on specific topics related to transitioning to TRS. Select the link for more information on TRS Webinars.

2008 TRS Pilot Program

In December 2008 TRS embarked upon its first pilot. At the time of pilot selection, TRS only contained TGAnet commercial deposit data. Consequently, potential pilot agencies were targeted based upon availability of data in TRS. A cross-section of agencies, representing a variety of agency needs, sizes, and complexity, was sought during the selection process. Large and small agencies were selected, as well as one agency which was positioned to be a GWA Reporter.

Pilot participants received access, training and a reference manual to prepare them to use the system and verify data. TRS solicited feedback on all aspects of the user experience and has subsequently made changes in both design and processes to improve usability and effectiveness. Participants in the 2008 TRS Pilot Program were:

  • Department of Defense – Defense Finance and Accounting Service

  • Department of Homeland Security – Citizenship and Immigration Service

  • Department of Homeland Security – Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • Department of Interior – National Park Service

  • Department of Commerce – National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation

TRS Agency User Group

The TRS Agency User Group was formed in January 2009. It is comprised of agency representatives who are knowledgeable and experienced with federal collections, reconciliation, accounting systems, and financial policy. Participants completed a full-day orientation to TRS and participate in regular conference calls, providing input to TRS project leadership.  Members of the TRS Agency User Group have provided and will continue to provide significant input throughout the development cycle of TRS.

Request for Additional Functionality

TRS users, who would like to see enhancements or changes in TRS functionality, may submit a Transaction Reporting System (TRS) Request Form. Forms should be sent to the Agency Outreach Team mailbox at: Comments will be logged into the TRS feedback process. The TRS Team will review the information and a decision will be reached about what should be done with the feedback. The TRS Team will then notify the requestor. If the requested enhancement is approved, the change will be prioritized along with other development work.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014