Announcement No. A-2012-03

February 2012

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Subject: Rescission of Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Volume I Releases

1. Purpose

This announcement informs agencies that the following TFM Volume I releases are rescinded.

Reason for Rescission
Bulletin No. 94-07: Responsibility for Payment of Lockbox Account Costs Guidance is provided in TFM Volume I, Part 6, Chapter 3200: Policy for Providing Depositary and Other Financial Services to Federal Agencies.
Bulletin No. 2005-04: Processing Deposits for Credit to Treasury’s General Account (TGA) Through Treasury’s General Account Deposit Reporting Network (TGAnet) System This program has been eliminated.

2. Inquiries

Direct questions concerning this announcement to:

Modernization Planning Office
Federal Finance
Financial Management Service
Department of the Treasury
401 14th St. SW., Room 402
Washington, DC 20227
Telephone: 202-874-6935