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Bulletin No. 2012-03
Volume I

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Retention: March 31, 2013

To: Heads of Government Departments, Agencies, and Others Concerned

Subject: Conversion of Current Treasury Distribution Codes to Financial Management Service (FMS) Organization Codes (Org Codes)

1. Purpose

In a memorandum for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Deputy CFOs, dated October 15, 2009, (see FMS addressed bureau code standardization and the additional steps it was taking to implement the Common Governmentwide Account Classification (CGAC) structure. This TFM bulletin supersedes specific sections of that memorandum, in particular, the references to Bureau Code Standardization and Bureau Code Mapping of FMS Org Codes to OMB Budget Bureau Codes. In addition, it informs Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) of an FMS effort that will convert current two-digit distribution codes to FMS Org Codes.

FMS and FPAs maintain and use the current two-digit distribution codes to group Treasury Account Symbols (TAS) by bureaus, according to congressional legislation and, in some instances, programs below the bureau level. Generally, the new FMS Org Codes serve the same purpose as distribution codes. FMS will establish an FMS Org Code if a Government organization is designated as a bureau in enacted legislation.

2. Rescission

This bulletin rescinds TFM Volume I, Bulletin No. 2010-06.

3. Implementation

FMS must convert distribution codes to FMS Org Codes in order to move forward with other Treasury modernization programs.

4. Impact of the Conversion Effort


The conversion of distribution codes to new FMS Org Codes:

GWA Account Statement

As a result of converting distribution codes to FMS Org Codes, there are some changes to the contents of the inquiry selection functionality within the GWAP System, specifically, the inquiry screens within the GWA Account Statement. The following screens are impacted:

Also, as of November 13, 2010, the title “FMS Org Code” replaced the title “Bureau/Distribution” on the screens listed above.

Distribution Codes

As a result of the conversion of distribution codes to FMS Org Codes, FPAs could have:

The attached spreadsheet shows the conversion of the current distribution codes to the new FMS Org Codes for all legislated entities.

Agency Location Codes (ALCs)

As a result of adding a new FMS Org Code, a new ALC must be added to the GWA central accounting system and the FPA must execute monthly reporting to Treasury. Existing eight-digit ALCs are formatted XX-XX-XXXX (for example, 12-34-5678), where the first two digits represent a Department Code and the third and fourth digits represent a distribution code. With the conversion of distribution codes to FMS Org Codes, the formatting logic for new ALCs changed. For new ALCs, the third and fourth digits represent the new FMS Org Code. (Existing ALCs have not changed.)

Information Access

FPAs have access to the same amount of data to which they are accustomed and will be able to view, download, and print report transaction data via the GWA Account Statement. They may obtain account information by “drilling down” on the Account Statement by agency, bureau distribution, account type, fund type, and TAS. TAS information accessible under current distribution codes is also accessible under the FPAs new FMS Org Code. Accounts that were a part of an eliminated/consolidated distribution code are associated with an FMS Org Code.

5. FPA Preparation

FPAs should:

6. Effective Date

This bulletin is effective immediately.

7. Inquiries

Direct questions concerning this bulletin to:

Attn: Donald Wood (202-874-9787)/Cheryl Dixon (202-874-9771)
Budget Reports Division
Financial and Budget Reports Directorate
Governmentwide Accounting
Financial Management Service
Department of the Treasury
3700 East West Highway, Room 518D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

David A. Lebryk's Signature

David A. Lebryk
Date: March 5, 2012

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