Treasury Check Information System

The Treasury Check Information System (TCIS)

Common Questions

  1. When was the Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) implemented?
    FMS users began using TCIS in May 2006; full implementation with agency access took place on June 1, 2006.

  2. I currently have access to Payments, Claims & Enhanced Reconciliation (PACER) On-line, must I also enroll in TCIS?
    Yes. TCIS has the following benefits (1) users can now access check and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment information, check claims history, and digital images of paid U.S. Treasury checks via a standard web browser on their desktop (2) ACH and claims information is now in one place thus eliminating the need for a user to sign-on and query various systems separately (3) real time viewing of check images is available.

    If you are a Regional Finance Center (RFC) user and need PACER on-line for claims processing of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, you will continue to need access to PACER On-Line.

  3. Other than Financial Management Service (FMS) users, who can request access to TCIS?
    Non-Treasury Disbursing Offices (NTDOs), Treasury Disbursing Offices (TDOs), Federal Reserve Banks (FRBs), and Federal Program Agencies (FPAs).

  4. Our computer equipment is pretty old. Do we have to purchase new equipment to handle TCIS?
    The minimum computer requirements are:
    1) Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.
    2) Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  5. What training is offered to external users?
    TCIS developed Computer Based Training (CBT) CDs for external users that provide information on how to access and use TCIS. These CDs are provided to users upon completion of the enrollment process.

  6. When an agency user accesses information by payee ID, are other agency records displayed?
    No, information is displayed based on user profiles. Access to information in TCIS is controlled by ALC. Agency personnel can only view information for the specific ALCs to which they have been granted permission to access.

  7. How can I determine the status of my input files that I have submitted to TCIS?
    Agency personnel that submit input files to TCIS (check issues, Available Check Cancellations (ACCs) and Unavailable Check Cancellations (UCCs) are strongly encouraged to be proactive in monitoring the status of their file submissions using the on-line Transmittal Control and Disbursing Office Maintenance Subsystem (TCDOMS) of TCIS.

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    For TCIS access, enrollment support or assistance:
    Call (855) 838-0743 or (314) 444-6151 or send an email to: TCIS_TSC@STLS.FRB.ORG.

  9. How far back can you pull check images?
    Digital check images can be retrieved from October 1996 to present.

  10. 10. Is specific software required to view check images?
    Yes, you will need Microsoft Office Document Imaging for images over 2 years old. Images less than 2 years old will display in your browser. If you are having problems viewing images over 2 years old, please follow the steps below.
    • “Start”
    • “All Programs”
    • “Microsoft Office”
    • “Microsoft Office Tools”
    • “Microsoft Office Document Imaging”
    Inside this application, go to”
    • “Tools”
    • “Options”
    • “Other” tab
    • Click on “Reset”

  11. Will TCIS work with Windows 7?
    Yes, if you are an Internet PKI user. Contact (855) 838-0743 or (314) 444-6151 or send an email to: TCIS_TSC@STLS.FRB.ORG for information.

  12. Can I use the Firefox Internet browser?
    FMS does not support Firefox at this time.

  13. Can TCIS be used on both my desk PC and laptop?
    Yes, if you are an Internet PKI user. The software must be loaded on each computer.

  14. What are the operating hours for TCIS?
    6AM to Midnight Monday through Friday
    7AM to 4PM on weekends

   Last Updated:  May 14, 2014