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OTCnet Release 1.5 Information and Resources

OTCnet will upgrade to 1.5 in June 2014. The OTCnet Team is dedicated to providing the information and resources current and future OTCnet users need to understand and prepare for the changes associated with OTCnet Release 1.5.

This page will be updated each time new information becomes available. Please check back regularly for release updates and new resources.


  • OTCnet Release 1.5 Information Session Presentation: This presentation was shared at the OTCnet Release 1.5 Information Session to provide users with high-level information on some of the changes to the OTCnet system that will be implemented with the new release
  • Historical Reporting Fact Sheet: This document provides users with basic information about the new Historical Reporting feature that will be introduced in OTCnet Release 1.5
  • Check Scanners Overview: This document provides users with a visual comparison on all of the different types of check scanners that will be compatible and available for purchase with OTCnet Release 1.5

   Last Updated:  June 05, 2014