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OTCnet Release 2.0 Information and Resources

The OTCnet Team is dedicated to providing the information and resources OTCnet users need to understand and prepare for the changes associated with OTCnet Release 2.0.

Release 2.0 Information Session Resources:

  • OTCnet Release 2.0 Information Session Presentation: This presentation was shared at the OTCnet Release 2.0 Information Session to provide users with a high-level overview of Release 2.0
  • Release 2.0 Fact Sheet: This handout provides users with basic information on the new feature and enhancements introduced in Release 2.0
  • Release 2.0 FAQs: This document provides users with a PDF version of the questions and answers asked during the Release 2.0 Information Session

CIRA CSV Reference Document

  • CIRA CSV Bulletin: This document provides a high-level overview of all the changes being made to the CIRA CSV document in Release 2.0
  • CIRA CSV Reference Guide: This document provides a detailed description of the CIRA CSV document and the changes being implemented to this document

   Last Updated:  March 30, 2015