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OTCnet Release 1.4

On September 13, 2013, the OTCnet application was successfully upgraded to Release 1.4. Release 1.4 includes a number of changes that will impact OTCnet users. While most of these changes primarily affect Offline users, Online users will also benefit from enhanced security of the OTCnet application and new features such as additional data masking protection in audit logs.

For OTCnet Offline users, major updates with Release 1.4 include a new Offline application startup process and changes to the Check Capture Administrator (CCA) role. To learn more about these changes, please view the OTCnet 1.4 Release Notes on the OTCnet website at: http://www.fms.treas.gov/otcnet/releases.html.

In accordance with the system updates made with this new release, we have also updated the System Requirements and User Roles Guide documents, as well as the relevant OTCnet training materials. The System Requirements document has been updated with new information regarding compatible operating systems, browser versions, and Java versions for OTCnet. The User Roles Guide document has been updated with information regarding the new changes to the CCA role as mentioned above. These updated documents can be found on the OTCnet website under the “Onboarding Toolkit” section at: http://www.fms.treas.gov/otcnet/index.html.

Updated training materials now include information on creating CCA logon profiles, upgrading Offline Check Capture software, and starting the Offline server. These updated training materials can be reviewed here: http://www.fms.treas.gov/otcnet/training.html.

For any questions regarding OTCnet Release 1.4, please contact the Treasury OTC Support Center at 866.945.7920 or via email at FMS.OTCChannel@citi.com.


The Over the Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) enables federal Agencies to integrate check capture and deposit reporting activities, consolidating management of all check and cash deposits through one Web-based application.

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