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Kansas City Regional Financial Center

The Kansas City Regional Financial Center (KFC) is one of two Treasury Fiscal Service disbursing centers. The Kansas City RFC employs approximately 130 people and provides payment services for over 300 federal agency sites. The other RFC is located in Philadelphia, PA.

The Kansas City RFC disburses payments – either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or check – on behalf of virtually every federal agency in the Executive Branch except for certain independent agencies, such as the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, Fiscal Service disburses approximately 85 percent of all federal payments. In fiscal year 2013, the Kansas City Financial Center issued more than 923 million payments, 95 percent of which were EFT, totaling more than $1.9 trillion.

Federal payments disbursed by Fiscal Service include: Social Security benefits; Supplemental Security Income; federal pension benefits; veterans’ compensation, pension, and education benefits; Railroad Retirement Board benefits; federal income tax refunds; and other federal disbursements such as salary and vendor payments. The Philadelphia RFC also performs other payment-related services including EFT and check claims and reclamations, cancellation of returned checks, and processing agencies’ requests for recovery of payments issued after a payee is decreased.

The work at the RFC's has evolved from disbursing handwritten checks to disbursing payments by EFT and printing paper checks using high-speed check printers as well as using intelligent inserting equipment. Since February 2001, the Kansas City RFC has been printing paper checks on high-speed laser printers that can print more than 80,000 checks per hour, compared with the 12,000 check-per-hour printing capabilities of its impact printers. The Kansas City RFC currently has three laser printers in operation. The digital printing and verification systems, combined in the laser printer, take the process of check and payment-related document printing to a new level of confidence and accuracy. Even more recently, the Kansas City RFC has begun production on intelligent inserting machines. This system allows for complete quality control of every paper check issued by the Center.

The Kansas City RFC assists with the collection of delinquent debts owed to the federal government and to state governments as well. The collections are made through the Treasury Offset Program, a system under which names and taxpayer identifying numbers of debtors included in a Fiscal Service database are matched against names and taxpayer identifying numbers of recipients of federal payments. If there are matches, the amounts of the payments are reduced, or offset, to satisfy the delinquent debts.

In addition to the domestic payment and debt collection systems, the Kansas City RFC supports other Fiscal Service payment and program initiatives. In fiscal year 2013, the Center processed over $3.3 billion in foreign currency payments through the International Treasury Services system ( on behalf of federal agencies to payees around the world. The Center provides customer support for the Automated Standard Application for Payments system ( And, the Kansas City RFC provides project management support for the Payment Application Modernization (PAM) effort, a major agency-wide project to modernize and consolidate more than 30 payment applications into one streamlined system.

   Last Updated:  June 19, 2014