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2014 IPAC IGT 14.0 Release Delay

The Intra-governmental Payments and Collections (IPAC) intragovernmental transaction (IGT) buy/sell release 14.0 scheduled for deployment to production on September 13, 2014 is being postponed. This release is the first of multiple releases planned to support a new Buy/Sell module within the IPAC application, and was specifically focused on providing functionality to record and communicate agreement data between agencies. In order to provide greater value to the agencies, Fiscal Service has decided to include additional enhancements to release 14.0 and then combine it with the functionality planned for the next release of the Buy/Sell module. Fiscal Service’s government-wide framework relies on standard automated processes that facilitate controls around proper accounting and reconciliation of intragovernmental buy/sell activity. The goal of the overall IGT buy/sell strategy is to leverage the strengths and interoperability of existing systems and policy (TFM 4700) to provide the best overall value and service to the Federal community.

If you have any questions regarding planned IPAC enhancements please contact Matt Conrad at matt.conrad@fiscal.treasury.gov or (304) 480-7004.

IGT Buy/Sell Enhancements

There is no IPAC Training scheduled at this time, please review the IPAC Tutorial.

The tutorial has been revised for Release 11.5. The tutorials are self-paced, interactive training modules designed to introduce the user to navigating through the graphical user interface screens.

IPAC TutorialRevised - January 2011

Training Environment

A Training Environment has been established for agencies so they can become acquainted with the user interface by navigating through screens and performing regular transactions. This will give agencies an important opportunity to familiarize themselves with the look-and-feel of IPAC.

IPAC Training Environment Guide 2-2-2011PDF file


   Last Updated:  September 08, 2014