Common Questions

Master Administrator Questions

How many Master Administrators can we have and does the Master Administrator need a back-up/alternate?

There should be only one Master Administrator assigned to each Agency, Bureau or Department level.

What functions will the Master Administrator have?

The Master Administrator will approve Agency Administrators and assign application roles.

Can the Master Administrator be a current IPAC Agency Administrator (AA) or IPAC User?

No, the Master Administrator cannot be a current AA or IPAC User.

Will the Master Administrator or the Agency Administrator be responsible for resetting passwords?

No, you can reset your own password by clicking the Forgot Password link from the IPAC application sign on page. Instructions are also located in the User Guide for Treasury UPS or you can contact the Treasury Support Center (TSC) at 866-809-5218 or email at IPAC@stls.frb.org.

Does the Master Administrator within your agency have to be at a certain level?

Yes, the Master Administrator must be an authorizing official.

What will the Agency Administrators function be now?

The Agency Administrator will be responsible for approving users request; they will still have the capability to run several reports.

Will the IPAC Staff still support the Master Administrator, the Agency Administrator and the IPAC users since everything appears to be done on-line now?

No, The IPAC Staff will still no longer support IPAC functions, the Treasury Support Center has replaced the IPAC Staff support. They can be reached at 866-809-5218.

If we want to identify new AA's, should that be done now or should we wait until IPAC moves to the TWAI?

If you need to identify new AA's or revoke current AA's, you should send in the applications now so they can be processed. When IPAC is migrated to the TWAI the user IDs will be transferred along with roles including multiple IDs.

Where should I fax my form?

You should fax your completed TWAI Master Administrator form to The Treasury Support Center at 314-444-7346.

General Questions

What should I do if I am having a problem downloading IPAC reports after my PC has been upgraded to Windows XP SP2?

With the deployment of Service Pack 2, the IPAC reports (PDF files) were no longer easily downloaded to the users' PCs. In order to fix this each user needs to change his/her security setting in Internet Explorer. The instructions are:

• From Internet Explorer, select Tools, Click on Options/Security Tab/Custom Level button.

• Change the Security Level from Medium to Medium-Low; click on Enable and then Ok in the prompt that pops up.

• Change the Allow Web Pages to use Restricted Protocols for Active Content from Prompt to Enable. Click on Apply and then Ok in the prompt that pops up.

• Click ok to close out the Options box.

Why am I having trouble pulling IPAC reports?

On Sunday, July 18, 2004, there was a migration of Actuate 6.0; which is the product IPAC uses to generate reports.   You should be aware of the following factors:

•  Agencies that have the Adobe Writer version that will allow you to create PDF files will need to download Adobe Reader (only) to be able to save ‘PDF’ reports. The Adobe Reader is free to download and use.

*If you do not have the Writer version of Adobe, you will not need to download the Adobe Reader

•  The default output format when creating an IPAC Transaction Selection report has changed from “HTML” to “PDF”.

•  HTML reports generated prior to 7/18/2004 will no longer be available once the migration has taken place.

•  Agencies will need to regenerate these reports, if necessary; when pulling HTML reports, you may see erroneous characters right before the report is displayed, however it will display in the correct format.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Treasury Support Center on 866-809-5218 or email IPAC@stls.frb.org.

What do I need to do to make sure my computer is secure?

LOCK your computer when leaving your computer unattended. LOCK your computer by pressing CONTROL - ALT - DELETE and selecting "Lock Computer".

Why can’t I create IPAC reports past 18 months?

We began archiving data on June 19, 2004, and will complete our archiving on August 7, 2004. We will only provide Agencies with access to IPAC and TRACS data for a period of 18 months.   If you need IPAC data older than 18 months, contact the Cash Analysis Branch at 202-874-7980.   If you need TRACS data older than 18 months, contact the Accounts Branch at 202-874-7920.

What are IPAC's Password Requirements?

Requirement Value
Minimum Length 8 characters
Maximum Length 16 characters

Must contain:

  • A minimum of 2 alphabetic characters
  • At least 3 non-alphabetic (numeric and special) characters of which at least one must be a special character*
  • At least 5 unique (different) characters

Password cannot match the User ID     Password cannot contain spaces

Aging Passwords expire automatically every 30 days
Reuse Cannot reuse the 6 previous passwords  Same password cannot be reused within 120 days
Lockout / Suspension After 3 unsuccessful attempts - User ID must have password reset

* Special characters include the following:


Please note that the double quotation mark (") is not an acceptable special character.

What browser versions does IPAC support?

IPAC supports the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0. IPAC no longer supports Netscape. Please read the memo below.

FMS CIO Browser Policy Memo

When you print the IPAC collection report and it contains the limited payability data, it will print a page for each limited pay item creating wasted paper?

Selecting the 'condensed' report will generate fewer pages for your report than the 'standard' report. Condensed reports simply remove some of the white space from the reports resulting in less wasted space and fewer pages in the report.

What fields are required when entering an IPAC Payment or Collection transaction?

Sender Treasury Account Symbol
Sender BETC
Receiver Department Code
Purchase Order Number
Invoice Number
Obligating Document Number
Unit Price
Detail Amount
Pay Flag
Unit of Issue
Sender SGL

What fields are validated when entering an IPAC Payment or Collection transaction?

Agency Location Code (ALC)
Customer ALC
Sender Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
Sender Business Event Type Code (BETC)
Receiver Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
Receiver Business Event Type Code (BETC)
Sender DUNS Number
Sender DUNS+4
Receiver DUNS Number
Receiver DUNS+4
Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
Quantity x Unit Price = Detail Amount
Pay Flag
SGL Account Number
Receiver Department CodePDF
Unit of Issue PDF


Impact of GWA Modernization on IPAC

Is there IPAC training after the change?

IPAC will not be holding any formal training on the changes. We will have User Manual Addendums available on our Web site when the changes are in place.

Will IPAC report the receiver TAS (default) to be updated by receiver?

No. The transaction initiator must provide the both the sender and receiver TAS on the IPAC transaction. If the TAS that the initiator uses for the receiver is incorrect, the transaction recipient must access the GWA system to 'reclassify' the funds into a different TAS.

Does required field = Not able to process without it? Is mandatory = required?

Correct. If a field is required, something must be in the field in order for the transaction to be processed. If the field is left blank, the user will receive an error message 'Required field is missing'. Mandatory = required.

If I receive an IPAC transaction, how should I process it? Or, do I have to process it?

Until your ALC is a GWA Reporter, your side of each IPAC transaction must be reported to FMS on your FMS224 or FMS 1219/1220 month end reporting. Once you are a GWA Reporter, no month end reporting will be required, and you will not have to do anything additional after the transaction has been processed in IPAC.

What is the TAS data comprised of? Is it the accounting data (LOA information)?

The TAS is the Treasury Account Symbol. It is not your long line of accounting.   The TAS looks like....

SC = Sub Class
DR = Department Regular
DT = Department Transfer
N/N = Fiscal Years
MAIN = Main Account
SUB = Sub Account Symbol

GWA Treasury Account Symbol

Where can I get a list of Business Event Type Codes (BETCs)?


Impact of Governmentwide Eliminations Effort on IPAC

What kind of SGL accounts are you looking for Agencies to provide on their IPAC transactions?

Agencies should provide Proprietary SGL accounts on their IPAC transactions, not Budgetary SGL accounts.  IPAC uses the same SGL chart of accounts as FMS' FACTS-I application.

What set of SGLs should I use on my IPAC transaction?

If you are entering a collection, and you have already booked your Accounts Receivable (A/R), then your IPAC transaction should use 1010 Fund Balance with Treasury and your A/R account.  This will clear your receivable.

If you are entering a collection, and you have not already booked your Accounts Receivable (A/R), then your IPAC transaction should use 1010 Fund Balance with Treasury and a Revenue account.

If you are entering a payment, and you have already booked your Accounts Payable (A/P), then your IPAC transaction should use 1010 Fund Balance with Treasury and your A/P account.  This will clear your payable.

If you are entering a payment, and you have not already booked your Accounts Payable (A/P), then your IPAC transaction should use 1010 Fund Balance with Treasury and an Expense account.

When IPAC starts requiring the Receiver side SGL, what will happen to the transaction if the receiver does not supply the SGL information within the required timeframe?

Reports will be generated by ALC and reviewed by management for those ALCs that are not supplying their receiver SGL within the established timeframe. Transactions will be processed when entered into IPAC; the funds move regardless of the existence of receiver SGL or not.

Is there a certain field where the SGL is supposed to be input?

When entering transactions on-line, there is a separate screen that is used to enter SGL data for each detail record in the transaction.   For bulk files, the SGL data is in the 'E' record that immediately follows the 'D' detail record.

Impact of the Intra-governmental Transaction Portal (IGTP) on IPAC

When will IPAC be able to accommodate the use of DUNS Numbers?

The IPAC changes that were implemented on October 11, 2003 included the addition of Sender and Receiver DUNS Numbers to the IPAC on-line screens, bulk file layout and transaction reports.

Does IPAC require the use of the DUNS Number or DUNS+4?

IPAC does not require the use of the DUNS Number or DUNS+4.  Use of both Sender and Receiver DUNS Number and DUNS+4 are optional in IPAC.  If used, IPAC DOES validate the content of the fields.


   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014