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Student Educational Employment Program

What is the Student Educational Employment Program?

The Student Educational Employment Program introduces students to the advantages and challenges of working for the United States Government. It provides temporary employment opportunities, training, and work opportunities with developmental or professional experience to individuals who are continuing their formal education.

What programs does FMS offer?

The FMS Human Resources Services Branch is responsible for recruiting students into the Student Educational Employment Program. These programs include:

  • Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) (formerly Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a planned and progressive educational program that offers many advantages. By combining your academic studies with on-the-job experience, the SCEP helps you gain the experience you need to obtain the job of your choice

  • Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) gives you the opportunity to combine academic studies with on-the-job training and experience. You can work for FMS while completing your education.

  • Partnership In Education (PIE) is Treasury-wide school-to-careers and educational outreach initiative. This program gives partnering high school students a variety of personal and developmental opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the federal work place.

  • Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) is program is intended to be used for grades GS-5, 7 and 9 positions or other trainee positions appropriate for the program and used to recruit Accountants, Financial Program Specialists, Computer Specialists, Management Program Specialist, and Program Analysts

  • Student Volunteer Service allows you to participate in the federal service as a student volunteer. The unpaid work opportunities allow you to explore various occupations and gain practical experience while still enrolled in an academic program.

These positions are available to high school, vocational and technical, Associate degree, Bachelors degree, graduate degree, and other professional degree students.

What are typical entry level positions?

What are the eligibility requirements?

In addition to U.S. citizenship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree-seeking student (diploma, certificate, etc.)

  • Have met the minimum age required by federal, state or local laws governing the employment of minors

  • Enrolled at least half-time in an academic, vocational, or technical course load in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, 2-year or 4-year college or university, graduate or professional school

  • Have met the requirements of the educational program (some schools have a required minimum GPA, class status requirements, etc.)

What are the benefits?

You can earn vacation (annual) and sick leave. The number of hours you earn is based on the number of hours you work per week.

Do these programs offer promotion potential?

You may be eligible for promotion depending on the type of appointment, the promotional potential of the position, and satisfactory performance.

What types of work schedules are available?

Flexible full-time or part-time schedules are available. You may work full-time (40 hours per week) during the summer months or while on break from school. During the academic year, various schedules exist depending on the program. Parallel or Alternating - You will either work concurrently while attending classes or on an alternating basis between school and work.

When should I apply for a job?

You can apply any time. If you are a college senior interested in summer employment, you should apply at the start of the fall semester. If you are a high school student, simply tell one of our recruiters your plans and ambitions

If I have more questions?

Contact our recruitment office for more information.

E-mail: job.opportunities@fms.treas.gov
Call: (202) 874-8090
Write: Department of the Treasury
Financial Management Service
Human Resources Division
Attn: Student Educational Employment Program Coordinator
Room 170A
3700 East-West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

The Financial Management Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014