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September 20, 2010 - Mandatory Security Awareness Training for GOALS Users

Beginning the week of October 4th 2010, GWAMP will be conducting its annual Security Awareness Mandatory Training for all GOALS CITRIX and GOALS IAS application users. Training will be conducted via e-mail. Failure to complete this training could result in your access being revoked. Please ensure all contact information is current in those systems, to ensure that the training is received.

Partial FMS 224: Mandatory GOALS II Conversion

The GovernmentWide Accounting Modernization Project (GWAMP) is converting all FMS 224 users from the current GOALS II system to the GWA Partial FMS 224 as a GWA non-reporter. This process will be in two phases beginning June 2008 and must be completed by September 2008 for the August 2008 accounting period. The Chief Financial Officer and Certifying Officers will be notified as to when their Agency Location Code (ALC) will need to report using Partial FMS 224.

No development changes are required by GWAMP, and no secure id card is needed to access Partial FMS 224, simply log onto www.gwa.gov. You will prepare your FMS 224 the same way you do today, the only difference is you will log onto a secure website.

We will provide you with a Partial FMS 224 user enrollment date. Please do not begin enrolling for access to Partial FMS 224 until you are notified.

Hands-on training will be provided at the following locations: Denver May 6th and 7th; Hyattsville May 14th and 15th; Dallas June 10th and 11th and Kansas City June 18th and 19th. Registration is available on-line; please go to Training to enroll. Also, an Online Tutorial will be made available beginning mid-May.

Questions or Comments regarding the FMS 224 Conversion, please contact Sheila Higgs at 202-874-8196
Email: Sheila Higgs or
Eugenia Savoy at 202-874-8209
Email: Eugenia Savoy.

February 27, 2007 Reporting a Security Weakness

If users at any time become aware of a security weakness or vulnerability that poses a threat, or appears to pose a threat, to GWA or GOALS systems, it should be reported by sending an e-mail to the FMShelpdesk @fms.treas.gov and/or the GOALS.help@fms.treas.gov or by calling (304) 480-7777 or (202) 874-8270.

February 26, 2007 Discontinue Using RFC Agency Link Component :

Effective June 30, 2007, FMS will permanently discontinue the use of the RFC Agency Link Reporting Component within the GOALS II / IAS application and will replace these reports with the Governmentwide Accounting (GWA) Treasury Disbursing Office (TDO) Support Listings Reporting Component. For audit purposes, information from April 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007 will be available on the existing RFC Agency Link Reports via GOALS II / IAS through September 30, 2007. This data will also be available through the new RFC Payment Support Listings.

For July 2007 and future accounting periods, Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) should use the GWA TDO Support Listings Component to obtain all RFC Payment information.

Account Management Access Suspension

Management and control of user account(s) provides an important level of protection. Therefore, effective November 21, 2006 any GOALS II user that has not accessed an account(s) in 90 days will be suspended and must contact the FMS Help Desk @ (304) 480-7777 in order to regain access. Any user who has not used an account in 12 months will be removed from the system. If an account is removed due to inactivity, the user must reapply for access. It is important that users who have been designated as alternate/backup be reminded to access/login to their account(s) at least every 89 days to keep their access.

Please contact Angels Vessels or Alana Abednego should you have any questions.

Password Aging: Effective February 15, 2006, passwords will expire every 90 days for users of the GOALS II system. After 90 days you will receive an "Applications - Change Password" screen which will allow you to change your password. Please contact the GWA Customer Assistance Group on (202) 874-8270 should you experience any problems or need assistance.

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