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Fiscal Service Advisory Council Payments Forum

The forum will provide a unique opportunity for agencies to hear first-hand the current and planned issues related to federal government payment products, services, and initiatives. Most importantly, agency representatives will have the ability to convey their thoughts, opinions, concerns and influence how those payment products/services are developed and ultimately implemented. Council representation and participation is open to all federal agencies. However, to allow the council membership to be more agile, we are asking that agency representatives be limited to a primary and alternate for each agency processing site responsible for processing and submitting payments to the FS-Treasury. Both the member and alternate may attend the council forum meetings.

Conference Materials

2014 FSAC Payments Forum Agenda PDF File Agenda

2014 FSAC Payments Forum presentations:

We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 FSAC Payments Forum! Forum details will be added to the FSAC website as they become available. If you have any questions, please contact:

Kansas City Financial Center (KFC):
Lauren Ray (816) 414-2113
Carol Matthews (816) 414-2176
Philadelphia Financial Center (PFC):
Phyllis Daniels (215) 516-8150
Debbie Jackson (215) 516-8027

View the Memorandum sent to CFOs and Deputy CFOs announcing the FSAC Payment Forum. PDF File Management Letter

   Last Updated:  October 14, 2014