FMS Launches New "One Voice" Customer-Centric Model to Benefit Federal Agencies

By April Battle, Agency Relationship Management Division

"One Voice" is an integrated, agency-focused communication and implementation approach to enhance FMS's relationship and engagement with all federal agency departments and bureaus through the delivery of unified marketing, outreach, and agency implementation services.

In February 2012, Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS) launched "One Voice," a more effective model to communicate unified guidance to agencies. The "One Voice" communication approach is intended to better support delivery of central payment services, collections and deposit systems, government-wide accounting and reporting services, and the collection of non-tax delinquent debt. "One Voice" is an absolute necessity as FMS and federal agencies work to meet critical milestones and as FMS and the Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD) consolidate into the new Fiscal Service. This holistic communications model improves financial management across the government by ensuring FMS engages federal agencies in a unified manner to develop less burdensome system conversion and implementation plans.

As part of the "One Voice" strategy, the FMS Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners and other leaders have been meeting with customer agencies and bureau leaders to communicate FMS's strategic direction, identify agency needs, and ensure delivery of value-added financial programs and services across the government. These foundational relationships have improved communication between FMS and the agencies, and facilitated smoother customer engagement and conversion/implementation of federal systems.

FMS continues to demonstrate its dedication to "One Voice." On March 23, 2012, FMS Commissioner David Lebryk issued a letter to all agencies providing an executive-level roadmap of upcoming program and service activities. This letter is one of many examples of how FMS is further transforming customer delivery and improving internal operations.

On May 14, 2012, FMS launched an agency implementation team a collaborative team comprised of FMS and BPD agency relationship management directors. This team is identifying and establishing a community of agency implementation specialists who will establish repeatable marketing/messaging, outreach and agency implementation methodologies, practices and tools to address customer agency enrollment, conversion, and agency implementation issues and risks, from planning through execution and deployment. We are focused on increasing internal communications across interdependent business lines, and establishing collaborative business processes to monitor customer engagement and conversion/implementation interdependencies, and cross-system architectures and requirements. "The community of agency implementation specialists is essential to improving collaboration across FMS areas and with Public Debt by enhancing knowledge sharing," says Kristine Conrath, Assistant Commissioner, Federal Finance.

Customer agency feedback, face-to-face agency meetings, and the analysis of more than 3,000 responses to the FMS customer satisfaction survey are just a few of the ways in which the new "One Voice" model is impacting FMS's relationship with federal agencies. "One Voice" also is building stronger relationships through the alignment of product messaging, outreach and agency implementations to promote and transform financial management, and the delivery of global customer-centric services across the federal government.

For additional information about FMS's "One Voice: vision and implementation plan, please contact, Director of ARM.

   Last Updated:  July 26, 2012