Administrative Wage Garnishment Calculator
For calculating the Wage Garnishment Amount to be deducted from an employee's disposable pay.

Debt Collection Authorities
Public laws, statutes and other authorities related to the collection of delinquent debts owed to the government.

Debt Repayment
Making online nontax debt payments through

Fact Sheets

For administrative wage garnishment, annual debt certification, authorization for the release of information, Cross-Servicing and Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions about administrative wage garnishment, child-support enforcement, Cross-Servicing, FedDebt, tax refund offset and the Treasury Offset Program.

Guides, Policies & Instructions
Manuals, instructions and guides for agencies.

Reports & Statistics
Reports to Congress and the President; debt collection statistics;

Workshops & Events
Debt collection training.

Related Links
Links to other Web sites containing frequently requested information.

   Last Updated:  March 25, 2014