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Training and User Support

Training for CIR is provided through a Web-based Training (WBT) program after you have been enrolled in CIR. The WBT allows agency users to train for CIR when it is convenient for them and their agency, to refresh themselves on modules when new assignments are made, provide new staff with training, and retake modules about which users may have less confidence.

Collections Reporting Job Aids

Getting Help for CIR
CIR Security Users !!
Your best points of contact for help with CIR. View more…

Scheduling CIR Reports
Do you run the same report every day or every week? You can save time by scheduling the report to run in the background and be available when you are ready to retrieve it. View more…

Setting User Preferences for CIR Reports
You can customize how you use CIR so that the reports, reference manuals, and other items that you use most frequently appear first. Setting Preferences allows you to specify which page within Business Objects to use as your starting page and how the page appears, to turn on Interactive editing, and to specify the time zone of your location. View more…

Choosing a Preferred Start Page for CIR Reports
You can specify which area of CIR reports will appear first when you click the Reports option from the CIR Home page after you log in. Choosing your start page minimizes the number of clicks needed to locate the information you need for your business processes. You choose a start page by working with Preferences. View more…

Working with Large Vouchers in CIR
Collections channels can combine many individual financial transactions to create one voucher. CIR limits the number of financial transactions in reports for performance reasons, and therefore you may not receive all the transactions within a voucher in one report request. How can you see all details for all of the transactions within one voucher? View more…

Sorting the Voucher Report by Voucher Number
The CIR Voucher Report and Voucher Report _V2 are sorted by Business Date, ALC, and Voucher Type. To change the sort order, make a copy of the report you want to work with, save it to My Favorites, and work with the saved copy. A common request is to sort the report by Voucher Number. View more…

Collections Reporting Web Topics: Not just “how to,” but “why”

Collections Reporting Web Topics are brief presentations intended to supplement the information users will review in the Web-based Training (WBT) modules and the online help and reference documents. For example, some Topics provide information about “why” you might choose one report over another or how to decide which parameters to choose on a report to select particular types of collections vouchers. Other Topics provide tips on how to personalize your settings to make your use of CIR more efficient. You will gain the most benefit from the presentations if you have already taken the WBTs and are familiar with the online help and reference documents.

Most Web Topics allow you to view a recorded presentation with voice narration via WebEx (“Streaming version”) and as an Adobe PDF with the same narration printed within the notes. Depending on your computer’s configuration, when you select the Streaming version, the presentation will download and start automatically, or you will receive further instructions how to download and play the file. Follow the on-screen directions to access the presentation. The Adobe PDF version may be downloaded and saved to your computer and may also be printed.

Formatting and Printing Reports: Learn about the different formats of system reports and how you may be able to take advantage of them at your agency. Learn tips for printing the reports using different formats such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel.

Using the Fedwire Reports: Learn about the differences among the Fedwire reports. You will see the Fedwire Message Summary Report run for several different scenarios, learn how to drill down to the Fedwire Detail Report, and discover the features and advantages of the Fedwire Download Report. This Web Topic will also give you some tips for working with the reports in CSV format.

Using the Fedwire Download Report: Learn how to use report prompts to develop more targeted reports. You will see how the Fedwire Download Report is structured, how to use the report when viewed through Business Objects Web Intelligence format and how to use the report in CSV format.

Note: The Web Topics below were produced prior to the name change from TRS to CIR. The features and functions described in the reports below work the same in CIR as they did in TRS.

   Last Updated:  September 05, 2014