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  • Capture Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) information for payments, deposits and intra-governmental transactions at the earliest possible time and record the transactions directly to the FMS record of the Agency's Fund Balance with Treasury

  • Provide agencies with an Account Statement (similar to bank statements provided to customers) of their Fund Balance with Treasury, which presents appropriation and non-expenditure activity, as well as, payments, deposits, and intra-governmental actions that affect the Fund Balance with Treasury. At a minimum, transactions received by FMS during working hours will be available on the appropriate Account Statement requested during the next business day.

  • Provide federal agencies with the capability to "drill down" to lower levels of detail from higher level entries appearing on Account Statements to support research and reconciliation.

  • Improve the usability and currency of government-wide financial information to support management and oversight of government resources.

  • Eliminate multiple levels of reconciliation currently required to validate central accounting system fund balance with program information maintained at federal agencies.

  • Minimize data redundancy and enhance data sharing between the FMS central accounting system, financial service provider systems and agency core financial systems to support system users and stakeholders.

  • Provide federal agencies with one- stop-shopping using Internet technology to both provide to and retrieve data and information from Treasury (FMS).

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014