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First-Time Visitors


It is our hope that your visit to our Web site will be a worthwhile experience, and that you will be able to successfully navigate through our site to find the information, reports or publications you are looking for, as well as the answers to any questions you may have about the services we provide.

Helping You To Get Started

For our new or infrequent Web site visitors, we have put together on this page several resources to assist you, as well as links to general information about us that will explain what it is we do, as well as suggestions for directing you elsewhere in cases where the specific information or services you are hoping to find are not available through this site.

Frequently-asked questions
Many of our first-time visitors come the Web site with very specific questions. These questions range from such topics as our Treasury Offset Program, to grants and loans and unclaimed money—programs, services we do not administer or provide. In these cases (such as with grants, loans and unclaimed money) we will try to direct you to other agencies or organizations that can help you. Also, a brief visit to our About Us section will give you an idea as to the kinds of services we do (and do not) provide.

If you have specific questions, a good place to start would be our Common Questions and Answers index. Here, frequently-asked questions are categorized by subject or program area.

We do our best to avoid using excessive technical jargon on the Web site. In some cases, however, this is not always easy to accomplish. For this reason, we have put together a Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations for those of our Web site visitors who might encounter some unfamiliar terms.

If you have a general idea as to the type of information you hope to find, the simplest way to locate it is to browse through the areas into which this site has been categorized. You might want to begin by selecting one of the categories below:

If you are not sure where to start, or under which category your needs may fall, you might want to browse through the Site Map and A to Z Index, which is a comprehensive, alphabetized list of the information available on the site.

Most requested information
Frequently, based on our statistics and on the feedback we receive through our Web site's customer satisfaction survey, the information sought by first-time visitors falls into one of several categories of frequently-requested information. This is another avenue you may want to explore. Some of the most often visited areas of the Web site include:

If so far, none of these options has been helpful, you might want to use our search feature. Results generated by using the search may vary, so you will want to be specific when entering your search criteria. Like many search engines, the results are listed in descending order as to the most relevant. However, as with all searches, the results you get may not always be what you were looking for on the first attempt, so you might need to "fine tune" your search terms. The search feature allows you to do that as well once you have begun the search process.

Online applications
We have a number of online systems for Federal Program Agencies and financial institutions. If you need to enroll in—or are having trouble with your access to—one of these systems, please click here for links to enrollment forms and contact information.

Contact us
Finally, if you are still having trouble locating the information you were hoping to find, you can contact us directly, either by phone or through our online Comment Form.

   Last Updated:  March 21, 2014