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U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2008


Judy Yuran (FMS) opened the meeting and discussed two issues from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular No. A-136 subcommittee meetings. The first issue concerned the proposal to add additional USSGL memorandum accounts. Judy said that the USSGL staff and the IRC members need to review the proposal and determine its impact on the USSGL Chart of Accounts. The second issue concerned reviewing the Statement of Financing information to determine if it should be reported in the agency financial statements as a note or as Required Supplementary Information.

Bruce Henshel (Commerce) said that some employees of his agency were concerned that the Statement of Financing crosswalk is no longer included in the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM). Judy responded that OMB requested that the USSGL staff not include the Statement of Financing crosswalk in the TFM but continue to update it and provide the information to agencies upon request.


  • Draft, USSGL Accounts Crosswalked to Multiple Lines With Markup

  • Draft, Section III Multiline Project Index

  • Draft, Section III Multiline Project

  • Draft, Section IV Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, Section V Balance Sheet Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, Section V Statement of Changes in Net Position Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, Section V SF 133 Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, Section VI Reclassified Balance Sheet Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, Section VI Reclassified Statement of Changes in Net Position Multiline Project - Fiscal 2009

  • Draft, USSGL Crosswalks to Multiple Lines


Michele Crisman (FMS) summarized the issues from last week's IRC meeting. She said that the USSGL staff will redefine and retitle the Penalties, Fines, and Administrative Fees Receivable accounts. (Note: At a subsequent IRC meeting, the IRC members decided not to proceed with these accounts for fiscal 2009. Michele will follow up with OMB to see if this activity can be a separate Balance Sheet line. Michele will update these accounts accordingly and will present them to the IRC for fiscal 2010 implementation.)

In addition, the proposed accounts listed the normal balances incorrectly as credit balances. The correct normal balance for these accounts is a debit balance. The TFM staff will correct the error in the next presentation.

Keith Mertz (FMS) discussed the revised Section III, Account Transactions, beginning with transaction code (TC)-D102. During the discussion of TC-D107, Cindy Scharf (Library of Congress) stated that a credit balance should be added for USSGL account 4620, "Unobligated Funds Exempt From Apportionment." The IRC agreed, and the USSGL staff will make the revision.

Additional modifications to the account transactions included the following:

  • TC-D134-Added USSGL account 4620 as a credit balance to this transaction.

  • TC-D420-Added the new USSGL account series 1370 for administrative fees to this transaction. The accounts currently listed that apply to taxes and loans will be deleted.

  • TC-D424-Did not include USSGL account series 1370 for administrative fees in this transaction.

  • TC-E102-Deleted USSGL account 6500, "Cost of Goods Sold," from this transaction. USSGL account 6900 "Nonproduction Costs," will remain in the transaction since it is currently being used by some agencies to record accrued payroll transactions.

Gwen Marshman (FMS) discussed the FACTS I account attributes table. Gwen said that the new tax-revenue-collected accounts would be shaded in the exchange/nonexchange column of the FACTS I attribute table to indicate that only the "T" attribute can be used. The "T" attribute is used since tax revenue, by definition, can be only nonexchange revenue.

Karl Foltz (FMS) discussed the crosswalks. The IRC members agreed to the following suggested changes:

  • Balance Sheet, line 10, USSGL account series 1361 and 1366 will be added.

  • Balance Sheet, line 24, USSGL account 2191, "Employee Health Care Liability Incurred But Not Reported," will be added. Footnote 12 will be deleted since the referenced information is now included in the title of the account.

Michele Crisman asked the IRC members if the footnotes on the Balance Sheet crosswalk were needed since the title of the account included the identical information. For example, the footnote for line 4 of the Balance Sheet, USSGL account 1362 "Penalties, Fines, and Administrative Fees Receivable - Loans," reads: "related to loans receivable." The IRC members agreed that the footnotes are not needed, and Michele will delete the footnotes on future crosswalks.

Leon Fleisher (SBA) asked whether USSGL account 1340, "Interest Receivable," would be separated into the various types of interest receivable. Judy said that the account may be separated in the future but not at this time since it is not part of the Multiline Project.

Kathy Winchester (FMS) questioned the validity of including the Tax Revenue Accrual Adjustment series accounts on the SF 133: Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources and Statement of Budgetary Resources, line 19C. Michele Crisman stated that the USSGL staff will research the information and will provide a report at a future IRC meeting.


Judy asked the IRC members to provide feedback to the USSGL staff on any concerns they may have regarding the information presented at today's meeting.

Judy also asked the IRC members for convenient dates to have the next USSGL Board meeting. The date tentatively agreed upon was March 27, 2008. Judy said that the USSGL Board will plan to have two meetings. At the first meeting, the USSGL staff will present the new accounts. At the second meeting, the USSGL Board will finalize the crosswalks and any remaining issues. No date was set for the second meeting.


Michele Crisman, FMS
Karl Foltz, FMS
Judy Yuran, FMS
Keith Mertz, FMS
Gwen Marshman, FMS
Karen Metler, FMS
Melinda Pope, FMS
Kathy Winchester, FMS
Victoria Leas, FMS/FRB
Mike Plutkis, FMS/Agency Services
Vernon Johnson, DOJ
Jenny Smith, HHS
Michael Ward, GSA
Sam Idahosa, Treasury
Teresa Lampkin, DOT
Drena McDaniel, DOT
Kevin Dugas, DOT
Patrice Cousins, NSF
Jeanette Kuendel, PTO
Alice Rice, DOD
Cindy Scharf, Library of Congress
Bruce Henshel, Commerce
Chris Dyson, Education
Janet Winchester, VA
Webster Coleman, DOL
Teresa Tancre, OMB
Jeff Carr, Energy
Susan Stenger, NRC
Leon Fleisher, SBA

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