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TT&L/TIO/Repo Actions


Treasury Tax & Loan/Term Investment Option/Repurchase Agreement (TT&L/TIO/Repo) Actions summarizes any withdrawals, investments or no actions which are made for a specific date. The Actions are derived from an analysis of expected cash inflows and outflows along with other cash management tools in order to maintain the Federal Reserve Account Balance at a specified target balance. For additional explanation see glossary of terms.

The details in the Results of Transfers are actions that were announced in the prior day Notice of Transfers. These results can also be found on the Daily Treasury Statement (DTS) in Table V- (Tax and Loan Note Accounts by Depository Category). (See relationships between TT&L Actions and DTS.)

Depending on the action, the transaction will be recorded on the following Notice of Transfers and DTS line items: Investments-Transfers to Depositaries, Special Direct Investments, Term Investments or Repo Investments; Withdrawals-Treasury Initiated, Special Direct Investments, Term Investments or Repo Investments using the due date as the reference date for the appropriate DTS.

   Last Updated:  March 05, 2010