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Getting Ready for TRS - When to Enroll

When to Enroll

The TRS Team will notify agencies of TRS readiness for agency transition. Agencies are candidates for enrollment when agency-specific data are available in TRS.

Agencies should make the decision about when to enroll based upon availability of data, as well as internal and external constraints which would influence when they could enroll. An agency’s mission constraints or planned changes to its internal systems, for instance, are two considerations that may influence whether it chooses to move forward with or delay enrollment for a few months.

Agencies interested in early adoption should contact the TRS Agency Outreach Team at 301-699-6814 or

Advantages of Early Adoption

Agencies choosing to enroll in TRS early will receive additional benefits that those which enroll later will not reap. First are the benefits that they will receive from TRS itself. TRS users will receive integrated reporting of deposit and detail transaction data from one source. In addition, they will receive classification information which is not in CA$HLINK II (CLII). Finally, they will receive consolidated reporting of multiple collections sources in one place as data is migrated to TRS.

Early adopters of TRS will also have a longer lead time to prepare for and make internal agency changes while being able to use TRS and CLII in parallel.

Finally, the enrollment process will become increasingly automated. Consequently, those agencies that enroll early will receive more personal attention than those delaying their enrollment.

Coordinating with the TRS Agency Outreach Team

FMS's financial agent for helping FMS develop and implement TRS, as well as coordinate Agency Outreach and Enrollment, is PNC Bank. The TRS Agency Outreach Team is eager to assist agencies in the following ways:

  • Provide information about “Introduction to TRS” sessions
  • Register participants in an “Introduction to TRS” session
  • Answer your questions about TRS
  • Present at multi-agency financial conferences.

To contact the TRS Agency Outreach Team, call 301-699-6814 or email

Meet the TRS Agency Outreach Team

The TRS Agency Outreach Team after an “Introduction to TRS” session. Left to right in the front row are: Betsy April, TRS Project Manager; Stan Frye, TRS Product Manager; Kay Gilley, TRS agency outreach lead. In the back row are: Adam Hamill, outreach contact and logistics; Christina Cox, FMS TRS Project Manager; Dominique Logsdon, TRS Product Manager; Monica Shelton, FMS TRS Deputy Project Manager; Linda Howard, agency enrollment lead.