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Important Updates

TRS June 2012 Release: Deployment scheduled for June 30, 2012

A TRS June release is currently in development. It is scheduled to be implemented on June 30, 2012. This release will upgrade the TRS system to receive additional data from the various collection channels, which will allow TRS to be the primary mechanism for reporting collections data in the end-state.

Some of the changes users will see are:
  • Several new data elements and changes to valid values on reports. For example, there are new names for Collection Subsystems. In addition, there are a few updated Financial Types and Statuses. When requesting reports or extracts, users will have to select updated values in the search criteria. Users will see also those updated values on the report display. Extracts will continue to display current values.
  • Some additional data fields marked as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. The impact will be to users who do not have PII access. They will not see those fields they had previously been able to see.
  • Additional data and additional transaction types from ECP and The data for the additional transaction types will be available on the Financial Transaction Reports and in the Agency XML output file:
    • ECP failed transactions will now be available
    • The following transactions will now be available:
      • For Plastic Card - Cancelled transactions, and Successful and Unsuccessful authorizations
      • For ACH Representments, Cancelled and Failed transactions
      • Form data that is not yet associated with a financial transaction.
  • TRS will not be changing the version of the Agency XML output file. However, additional fields and values may be visible.
  • As a result of some of these changes, users with scheduled reports or reports saved to My Favorites may need to change their search criteria. The TRS Web site will be updated with more details about the changes in the coming weeks so that agencies can assess any impacts to their saved or scheduled reports.

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