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Important Updates

TRS Implements Agency Reporting Iteration 3

TRS Release 3.16 was implemented October 22, 2011. This release implements additional reporting functionality that includes the following:

  • Report prompts are optional.
  • Users can view preliminary vouchers.
  • Users can report on financial transactions grouped by voucher. Report details are sorted by ALC and then voucher, Agency Account ID, and Cash Flow ID, followed by Collections system and Settlement Date.
  • Financial Transaction Detail report includes new fields to report on check image (when available) and other check information for a transaction, description of the reason for the transaction, and information for the transaction.
  • Users can download details for vouchers, Fedwire transactions, and plastic card transactions. Users will have the ability to download information into a CSV format to use more easily with internal systems.
  • Users can view updates to program data. Sources include: Voucher Detail Report, Financial Transaction Detail Report, and a new report called Business Transaction Group Report which displays both original and updated program data for transactions.
  • Users can enter non-standard addresses and telephone numbers in their profiles.
  • Users can access reports for ABA and ALC information.
  • Users can access the Agency New User Request Form, Agency Modify Access Group Request Form, and Update / Replace Authorizing Official Form on the TRS application in the FORMS link.


   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014