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Transaction Reporting System (TRS) - What It Is and What It Will Do

TRS is a collections reporting tool, supplying the latest information on deposits and detail of collections transactions to federal agencies. The system will allow financial transaction information from all collections systems and settlement mechanisms to be exchanged in a single system.

TRS is a key component of the Collections and Cash Management Modernization (CCMM) initiative, a multi-year effort to simplify and modernize FMS’s and the U.S. Treasury’s collections and cash management programs.

TRS is an FMS-wide transaction broker, data repository, and reporting solution. TRS will:

  • Provide a single touch-point for the exchange of all financial transactions across all collections systems

  • Offer a centralized repository containing detailed and summarized records of all revenue collections transactions processed by FMS systems

  • Facilitate Collections and Cash Management Modernization (CCMM)

  • Support reporting of classification information for the Governmentwide Accounting (GWA) Modernization initiative

  • Normalize financial transaction reporting and standardize the availability of financial information across all settlement mechanisms and collections systems.

Benefits of TRS to Federal Program Agencies (FPAs)

With TRS, all collections information will be available for FPAs to view from one source. TRS will:

  • Provide a single, web-based system from which agencies can receive all financial transaction information from all collections systems and settlement mechanisms

  • Supply FPAs with both summary and detail information on transactions in a single source

  • Permit agencies to extract and analyze their data in various scenarios according to their needs

  • Provide flexible reporting formats accommodating various business needs, transaction volumes, and technical capabilities

  • Reduce the burden and cost of reconciliation between FPA Core Financial Systems and the Governmentwide Accounting System (GWA).

Once completed, TRS will greatly improve the way government agencies collect, analyze, and redistribute financial transaction information, which, in turn, will eliminate redundancies and disconnects across and between the numerous point-to-point connections currently in place between collections agents and federal agencies.

Benefits of TRS to FMS

TRS will provide the following benefits to FMS:

  • Help reduce the cost of collections with potential savings of $100 million each year

  • Assist FMS to manage the quality of incoming financial transactions information from financial institutions

  • Provide more detailed information for deposit reporting and cash concentration purposes

  • Supply more real-time information to FMS for cash forecasting

  • Make statistical and analytical reporting available, significantly improving the ability of the U.S. Treasury to more precisely manage its financial position on a real-time basis throughout the day.

Who will use TRS?

TRS will be used by the following groups:

  • Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) to access their collections transaction and deposit information
  • FMS to obtain business intelligence about the collections process
  • Agents that provide collections services to FPAs.


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Updated March 14, 2014
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