Treasury Managed Accounts

Contract Disputes Receivables

The receipt account 203101, Recoveries from Federal Agencies for Settlement of Claims from Contract Disputes is one of the Treasury Managed Accounts. The account balances below have been identified by agency. The balances are to be reviewed by federal agencies and confirmed to Treasury, Financial Management Service (FMS) on a quarterly basis.


All payments made from Judgment Fund, 20X1743, Claims for Contract Disputes, are fully reimbursable by the agency. The receivable balance of 203101 represents unreimbursed payments made from 20X1743. Whenever a new receivable is added to the balance, FMS accrues revenue for the Fiscal Year. FMS also maintains an allowance for loss on receivables balance due to the low rate of reimbursement.

Agency Responsibility:

On a quarterly basis, FMS posts the 203101 1310 receivable, 5900 revenue and 1319 allowance balances by agency to this web site. Agencies have 25 days from the end of the quarter to respond to FMS via email or fax at (202) 874-8372 regarding the accuracy of the amounts recorded by FMS. Confirmation forms must be completed to show what liability your agency is reporting for Contract Disputes. Due to year-end time constraints, the September 30 confirmation forms are due around October 17th.

Agencies must provide support documentation (IPACs, cancelled checks, etc.) for any changes they want made to the balances posted.

Agencies with outstanding balances should provide a reimbursement schedule to FMS. This schedule should include amounts and timing of reimbursement.

When confirming your balance:

  • Complete the Receiving Department portion of the form with your information
  • Include the FMS balance provided on this web site in the Providing Agency amount block of the form
  • Explain any differences between your balance and the FMS balance

Reimbursement Information:

Reimbursements should be sent via IPAC to ALC 20180002. Please use '203101' or 020 3101000 (GTAS format) in the 'Receiver Treasury Account Symbol' field and 'COLUVRCT' (Collection to an Unavailable Receipt Account) in the 'Receiver BETC' field. The Payment ID/J number and Control/Z number of the claim must be included on the IPAC.

If you would like FMS to initiate the IPAC, fax your request to 202-874-8372. You must include your ALC, Treasury Account Symbol, Payment ID/J number and Control/Z number of the claim, Dollar amount, contact name and number, and any other information your agency requires.

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Contract Disputes Balances

Partner Code Agency Name 1310 Balance
as of 06/30/14
as of 06/30/14
5900 Balance
as of 06/30/14
017 Department of the Navy 1,560,640.14 0 (6,899,077.20)
021 Department of the Army 290,003,798.07 0 (269,848,809.40)
057 Department of the Air Force 30,290,546.02 0 (11,938,874.80)
096 Corps of Engineers, Civil 193,206,704.29 (172,345,914) (3,513,724.39)
097 Department of Defense 59,261,804.47 0 (59,261,549.63)
  Total Defense 574,323,492.99 (172,345,914) (351,462,035.42)
000 Unknown 513,000.00 (513,000) 0.00
012 Department of Agriculture 24,842,379.27 (14,505,022) (2,259,437.63)
014 Department of the Interior 202,848,652.13 (178,934,716) (357,251.97)
015 Department of Justice 600,000.00 0 (600,000.00)
019 Department of State 1,247,575.00 0 (1,247,575.00)
024 Office of Personnel Management 6,445,355.47* (259,823,440) 0.00
036 Department of Veterans Affairs 709,000.00 0 (870,000.00)
047 General Services Administration 442,484,888.56 (254,938,914) (16,806,200.00)
049 National Science Foundation 2,999,941.00 (2,999,941) 0.00
068 Environmental Protection Agency 22,000,000.00 (22,000,000) 0.00
069 Department of Transportation 4,619.74 (4,620) 0.00
070 Department of Homeland Security 0.00 0 (3,119.06)
075 Dept of Health and Human Services 387,345,020.73 (33,934,433) (268,347,763.45)
086 Department of Housing and Urban Development 0.00 0 (150,000.00)
089 Department of Energy 8,407,508.71 0 0.00
Nonfederal Army Air Force Exchange Service 1,800,000.00 0 (1,800,000.00)

*  There is an additional $253,378,084.95 in receivables related to FEHBP claims.

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   Last Updated:  July 30, 2014