Unpaid Foreign Claims


The Foreign Claims Awards are certified to the Department of the Treasury for payment by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC), an independent quasi-judicial federal agency, which is administratively a component of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The FCSC determines the validity and valuation of claims of U.S. nationals for loss of property in foreign countries, as authorized by Congress or following government-to-government settlement agreements.

These losses can occur as either a result of nationalization of property by foreign governments or from damage to or loss of property as a result of military operations, or injury to both civilian and military personnel.

The Department of the Treasury's role is to ensure that the FCSC claimants receive the proper payment amount as authorized in the public law that governs each Foreign Claims Program.

Claimants may be required to complete a Certification Form as proof of ownership.

In the case of a deceased claimant, the applicant must establish proof of heirship by submitting certified court documents and a completed Standard Form 1055.

Once payment has been authorized, a Payment Voucher will be mailed to the applicant showing the amount outstanding. Upon receipt of a signed Payment Voucher, payment will be issued.

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E-mail: Foreign.Claims@fms.treas.gov
Mail to: Foreign Claims
Judgment Fund Branch
Financial Management Service
U.S. Department of Treasury
3700 East West Highway
Room 6E15
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782
Phone: (202) 874-6664
Toll Free: 1 (866) 277-1046


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Updated March 14, 2014
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