Treasury Check Information System

The Treasury Check Information System (TCIS)


TCIS records and reconciles the worldwide disbursement of U.S. Treasury payments. This system also allows end users to query the Payments, Claims & Enhanced Reconciliation (PACER) system for claim status on Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

TCIS provides FMS with an electronic office environment for check aftermath activities and manages payment data representing over two billion check payments and three million claims over a seven-year period.

TCIS Users have the ability to:

  • View payment and claims information relating to U.S. Treasury checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment information,

  • Query by a specific check number or payee ID (when agencies provide payee identification information as part of the payment request) within a range of Issue Dates, or by ACH Trace Number; and

  • Initiate a stop request and to request/view digital images of negotiated U.S. Treasury checks.

NTDO Users (Non-Treasury Disbursing Offices Agencies with legislative or delegated disbursing authority) have the ability to:

  • Track the status of the files they have submitted for processing,

  • View all authorized check ranges established for their use in disbursing U.S. Treasury check payments; and

  • View all issue transmittals received and accepted by TCIS for a particular authorized page.

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For TCIS access, enrollment support or assistance:
Call (855) 838-0743 or (314) 444-6151 or send an email to: TCIS_TSC@STLS.FRB.ORG

For operational support:
Call the toll free number 1 (855) 868-0151.


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Updated October 06, 2014
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