Secure Payment System (SPS)

2013 SPS Webinar Sessions

Webinar Objective
These webinars are being held to provide Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) with information on the payment application changes related to the Governmentwide Accounting/Central Accounting Reporting System (GWA/CARS) Treasury Account Symbol/Business Event Type Code (TAS/BETC) reporting requirement which will impact their payment processing.

First Hour Functional Changes:

  • DEO and CO functionality changes
  • Managing TAS/BETC’s (Add/Update/Delete)
  • Providing/Entering/Certifying TAS/BETC information in the schedules
  • Recommended participation for the Functional Webinar:

    • DEOs and COs
    • Individuals responsible for payment activity at the FPA
    • Individuals responsible for the allocation of resources in order to comply with the October 2014 mandate.
    • CFO Letter March 2012
    • Individuals who need more information on Treasury’s 2013 Agency TAS/BETC preparedness.

Second Hour – Technical Walkthrough:

  • Educate Agencies on the programming requirements needed to convert to the GWA/CARS SPS 440 file format.
  • Walkthrough of the GWA/CARS SPS 440 file format.
  • Recommended participation for Technical Walkthrough:

    • Individuals who have direct knowledge of the current format used to upload schedules into SPS.
    • Individuals responsible for making programming changes to the upload file.
    • Subject matter experts who understand the payment processes.
    • Individuals responsible for testing the new TAS/BETC programming changes.

Available Dates for Participation:

Available Days and Dates Available Times
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 1pm to 3pm ET
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10am – 12pm ET
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12pm to 2pm ET

To Register, click here.

Webinar Materials and Access:

Presentation Materials, Webinar Access and Conference Line Number will be provided to registered participants via email two days prior to the scheduled webinar date.

Primary SPS Webinar Coordinator:
Raghu Vallurupalli (202) 874-6024 or (202) 590-0478
E-Mail: Raghu Vallurupalli

Secondary SPS Webinar Coordinator:
Pete Beckett (202) 874-6552

   Last Updated:  January 21, 2015