SPS: Secure Payment System

Common Questions

  1. How can our Agency become a GWA Reporter?
    You or someone from your Agency will need to contact the FMS GWA POC Caitlin Henning (202) 874-9868 to find out what your Agency will need to do to become a Reporter.

  2. When can our Agency’s ALC(s) become a Reporter?
    SPS will be recognizing Reporter ALCs in August 2012. However, there are pre-requisites that will need to be met before your Agency can become a Reporter. Contact the FMS GWA POC Caitlin Henning (202) 874-9868 for the specifics.

  3. When will our Agency have to become a Reporter?
    Once all pre-requisites have been met, you can become a Reporter anytime between Aug 2012 and Oct 2014. It is mandated that all Agencies will have to be Reporters by Oct 2014. (See the FMS Commissioner’s letter)

  4. We upload and import our Schedules into SPS, what will we need to do for our ALCs becoming GWA Reporters?
    You will need to build your 440 file to meet the new GWA 440 file format. This format spec can be found on the SPS Informational website (Schedule Upload 440 File Format for GWA).

  5. We use multiple ALCs at our Agency, will all of our ALCs have to become Reporters at the same time?
    No, you can select individual ALCs to become a Reporter, or all of your Agencies ALCs at the same time, as long as the pre-requisites have been met. Contact the FMS GWA POC Caitlin Henning (202) 874-9868 for the pre-requisites.

  6. Do we have to use TAS/BETCs?
    Yes, after Oct 2014, all Federal Agencies will be required to enter a TAS/BETC for each and all payments.

  7. How many TAS/BETCs can a payment have?
    The maximum TAS/BETCs per payment is 100

  8. How many TAS/BETCs can a Schedule have?
    The maximum TAS/BETCs per Schedule is 1000

  9. Can we create a Payment without entering a TAS/BETC?
    No. Your DEO will have to enter a valid TAS/BETC when creating a payment. SPS field validation and edits prevents empty mandatory fields such as the TAS/BETC field.

  10. How would our Agency know what our TAS/BETC(s) are?
    GWA/SAM can assist in helping FPAs find their appropriate TAS/BETC(s), contact the FMS GWA POC Caitlin Henning (202) 874-9868 for more information.

  11. Will the new SPS Release require any PC configurations for the DEOs and COs?
    No, there is no impact to the DEO or CO PC configurations.

  12. Will we be required to perform a new PC installation?
    No, not at this time.

  13. Will all Payment Types be impacted by this Release?
    Yes. Once your ALC(s) has become a Reporter, any and all payment types using this ALC will be in the NEW GWA Reporter format, thus required to enter a TAS/BETCs per payment.

  14. Will training be provided for the new functionality?
    Yes, we have performed various technical and functional sessions this past year and will continue to do so this year. Go to the SPS informational Webpage (www.fms.treas.gov/sps) for a list of upcoming training sessions.

  15. If we have additional questions regarding or use of SPS as Reporting ALCs, who should we contact?
    Contact the FMS GWA POC Luz Davila Lopez (202) 874-8599 for any additional information.

   Last Updated:  April 18, 2014