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Shared Accounting Module

The Shared Accounting Module (SAM) is an application that facilitates the process of validating or deriving Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) and Business Event Type Code (BETC) combinations to assist GWA in classifying financial transactions as they occur. SAM is becoming the single source for Enterprise Reference Data to government agencies and Treasury applications.

SAM works in one of three modes in order to classify transactions appropriately: validation, translation and default. In validation mode, SAM will verify the TAS-BETC information attached to collection, disbursement and Intra-Governmental Payment & Collection (IPAC) transactions is valid. SAM translates Classification Keys (C-Keys) to a corresponding TAS-BETC for collection transactions. A C-Key is any agency accounting or collection mechanism data (e.g., account code, fund code, Merchant ID, etc.) which cross walks directly to a TAS-BETC. Collection, Disbursement and IPAC transactions containing invalid TAS-BETC or C-Key data will be classified to a default TAS-BETC.

The SAM Conversion Team will work closely with FPAs in analyzing their collections processes in order to develop a Cash Flow Profile (CFP) which will contain their C-Key information. FPAs will ultimately be responsible for managing and updating their CFPs and C-Key data for their agency.

The SAM application also serves as a single touch point for Enterprise Reference Data (ERD). Trading Partners can receive ERD from SAM. For more information, please visit the Enterprise Reference Data page.

SAM also maintains a public Web siteExit FMS Web site (SAM PWS) containing the most current list of Disbursement, Intragovernmental, and Collection TAS-BETCs.

For questions contact:

Treasury Support Center
Phone: (877) 440-9476

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Updated July 31, 2014
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