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TAS/BETCs for CARS Reporting

Effective October 1, 2014, all Federal Program Agencies using Treasury disbursing services will be required to submit payment data using the PAM Standard Payment Request (SPR) format. The SPR format enables agencies to meet the Governmentwide Accounting / Central Accounting Reporting System (GWA/CARS) reporting requirement by providing Treasury Account Symbol/Business Event Type Code (TAS/BETC) information with payment files.

Commissioner Dave Lebryk has published annual memos describing the details and progress of Treasury’s efforts to modernize the payments, collections, and central accounting and reporting systems. Memorandum for All CFO's and Deputy CFO's

The Secure Payment System (SPS) will require TAS/BETCs with every individual payment and every summary schedule when your agency becomes a CARS reporter. Treasury offers training options to familiarize Data Entry Operators and Certifying Officers with SPS screen changes and to provide opportunities to address questions. For onsite and webinar sessions, please click Outreach Events and Training and see the Recommended Participants column.

Release 7.0 – August 2014 – Automated Processing of Large Dollar Check Amounts

Currently, large dollar check amounts are received through the Secure Payment System (SPS). With Release 7.0, PAM’s Standard Payment Request (SPR) check payment amount validation will be revised to allow large dollar amounts, enabling automation of large dollar check amounts received through SPS and the SPR. PAM will automate processing, issuing, and reporting of large dollar check amounts including processing through the Do Not Pay (DNP) and Treasury Offset (TOP) applications.

Release 7.0 – August 2014 - Do Not Pay (DNP) Screening

Release 7.0 will implement the next phase of payment screening through Do Not Pay (DNP), which will support preventing improper payments received by PAM from being disbursed by performing the following functions:

  • PAM will send validated bulk payments to DNP.
  • DNP will return a file to PAM with screening results for improper payments and a summary of the number of payments flagged for warning.
  • PAM will stop improper payments and provide summary information to the agency through the current Agency Notification format, directing the agency to the DNP portal for screening result details.

DNP Relationship Managers will contact agencies to:

  • Discuss and agree upon agency-specific business rules
  • Determine required changes to view PAM matches in the DNP Portal
  • Assess the need to create optional DNP records in the PAM Standard Payment Request (SPR) for exception processing

For additional information on Do Not Pay and PAM’s other interfacing applications, please click Related Resources.

   Last Updated:  May 14, 2014