Payment Application Modernization (PAM)


PAM Standard Payment Request format

Conversion to the PAM Standard Payment Request (SPR) is required for submitting bulk payment files to the Bureau of Fiscal Service by October 1, 2014.

SPR Version 5.0.0 provides up-to-date file structure, data elements and validations for requesting payments. When to use this version:

  • Agencies that are newly converting to the PAM SPR
  • Agencies that process CTX payments

Input File Specifications Standard Payment Request v 5.0.0PDF file (381 kb)

PAM SPR Consular / GEO Codes

The PAM Standard Payment Request file includes Consular Codes, also known as GEO Codes. These are 3-character codes for mailing bulk check shipments to foreign countries via the consulate.

Country Codes for Bulk Payment ChecksPDF file (81 kb)

CTX Payment Processing

With conversion to PAM SPR Version 5.0.0, Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) payments must be sent to PAM with an EDI X12 fully formatted 820 addenda.

CTX is a corporate ACH format which allows for up to 9,999 addenda records with approximately 800,000 characters. The large addendum record capability enables transmission of complete remittance information with the CTX payment, allowing one CTX payment to cover multiple invoices.

Traditionally used for Vendor Payments, the CTX format can also be used by agencies to make payments of Allotments and Deductions (e.g.., making one monthly CTX payment to a Union which covers union dues deducted from all member's salary payments). Agencies may also process child support payments using the CTX format to a State Child Support Enforcement Agency or its State Disbursement Unit (SDU).

PAM SPR CTX Input File ExamplePDF file (35 kb)
CTX Reference DocumentPDF file (112 kb)

SPR Version 4.2.1 continues to be supported for agencies that previously converted to the SPR. This version cannot be used to process CTX payments.

Input File Specifications Standard Payment Request v 4.2.1PDF file (820 kb)

PAM Agency Connect Direct Notification

Agencies can request to receive a notification report that provides the results of file validation via email or via Connect:Direct (C:D). The C:D report is formatted to allow an agency to upload results to its internal applications.

Agency notifications will be revised for PAM Release 7.

Effective May 2014:
Invalid RTNs and the number of associated payments will be added to the email notification.
Effective August 2014:
In conjunction with Do Not Pay (DNP) screening, a new section will be added for DNP screening results on the email and Connect:Direct notifications.

   Last Updated:  June 03, 2014