PACER On-Line Agency Implementation
The Financial Management Service (FMS) is in the process of providing access to the PACER On-Line system to Federal Program Agencies, both Treasury Disbursed Offices (TDOs) and Non Treasury Disbursing Offices (NTDOs). TDOs should contact their servicing Regional Financial Center. NTDO's should contact the System Improvement Project Staff in Hyattsville, MD at (202) 874-4293.

PACER On-Line Agency Features/Benefits

  • On-line access to payment/issue status
  • On-line access to initial on-line disposition information
  • Initiation of claims on-line (batch claims will not change)
  • Digital Imaging (view/print negotiated Treasury checks)
  • Compatibility with Treasury Offset Program (TOP)
  • Few, if any, changes required of agencies
  • No pilot or test period required
  • Easy to use with minimal training

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014