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July 27th Webinar
Webinar Question & Answer Log

I saved the slides to my PC but it does not open, is there another format slides can be placed in so it will open?
The slides are a power point file. Left click to open, right click to save.

Could you provide each of us with a copy of this presentation that we can retain in our e-mail or print to provide information to other persons in our financial institution?
The Webinar presentation and related slides can be obtained at fms.treas.gov/otcnet/events.html.

Will there be a replay of this session available?
The Webinar session is posted online at fms.treas.gov/otcnet/events.html.

Is the Federal Reserve CashLink going to be decommissioned during this effort?
It has not been determined if or when Federal Reserve Bank CA$H-LINK will be decommissioned. This conversion to OTCnet does not apply to Federal Reserve Bank CA$H-LINK.

Does this only apply to CashLink II?
Yes, this conversion to OTCnet only applies to CA$HLINK II.

I do CashLink reporting for agencies in 3 cities, accepting their deposits at different branches. Will the TGA system to be able to work like the CashLink over distance through the state?
Yes, you can separate out your deposits in TGAnet to display the reporting from the 3 different cities similar to CashLink. Each city or depositing endpoint will have their own deposit ticket information that will be visible in TGAnet for your review and confirmation.

Besides reporting of deposits on CashLink II, We also report returned check items. Will we still do this on TGA Net?
Yes, TGAnet will report return checks (Debit Voucher).

Iím a little confused; the BMS portion has not been created yet for the TGAnet?
The Bank Management Service (BMS) refers to reporting Bank Management expenses and income for the purposes of compensation to Financial Institutions. Bank Management will continue to be reported in CA$HLINK II, until conversion to BMS. Financial Institutions will be kept informed by the Bank Management Team about this conversion.

If we are using the TGAnet program and we need to enter the BMI information, will we have to continue the CashLink II program until the new BMS reporting program kicks in?
You will be getting more information regarding the new Bank Management Service in the months ahead. At this time, it should be understood that the process of reporting deposits is not directly linked to the process of reporting monthly expenses. However, banks will not be converted to the new Bank Management Service (BMS) until BMS is operational and your bank is fully converted to OTCnet. FMS will determine the timing of your bankís migration to BMS. Note: BMS is scheduled to be implemented in November, 2011. Therefore, it is entirely possible that your bank will report deposits to TGANet or OTCNet and continue to report monthly expenses to CA$HLINK II.

Will we begin using BMS to report expenses as soon as we are enrolled in either TGAnet or OTCnet?If not, where will we report this information until BMS is available?
(See answer above.)

With respect to foreign checks, Will there be an alternate way to deposit foreign checks with this system?
TGAnet does have the capabilities to handle the deposit reporting for foreign checks. The presentment process will remain the same requiring agencies to mail their check to the published address in the Treasury Financial Manual. Please send the checks to the following address:

Citibank Delaware
Global Check Collections
One Pennís Way
New Castle, DE 19720
Attn: Chuck Butler

Where can financial institution workers go for training for the TGA/OTCnet programs?
There currently is a Web based training environment for TGAnet that FIís can access for training. We also will have a WBT for OTCnet that will be available once OTCnet is in production. Please visit our TGAnet or OTCnet Web sites for more information.

Will there be any support provided to help get our depositors on line with us using the new TGA system instead of CashLink, or is this up to the Financial Institution?
Yes there will be support and FMS will work with your FI and the agencies to get them to implement TGAnet. We are in the middle of an aggressive outreach initiative to contact those agencies and convert them to the TGAnet or OTCnet application as soon as possible.

What is the cost to the agency that is not on TGAnet?
There is no cost to either the FI or the agency to implement TGAnet.

What is the deadline date for agencies to enroll in OTCnet?
All agencies and FIís must convert to OTCnet by Fall 2012. There will be no exceptions to this date.

If we are currently using the CashLink II and some of our depositors do not convert to TGAnet, will we have to utilize two systems until 2012?
Until all agencies are converted over to TGAnet or OTCnet, FIís may need to support the deposit reporting of TGA deposits through TGAnet and CashLink. We are actively working with agencies to convert over to TGAnet as soon as possible to prevent FIís from having to utilize two systems for an extended period of time.

We are a CashLink bank and our largest agency depositor is the Commissary and they do not plan to move to TGAnet- they are waiting for OTCnet, Will CashLink banks convert to OTCnet Feb/Mar 2011?
We are aware of DeCAís decision to delay implementing TGAnet and wait until the OTCnet application is in production. We are encouraging all FIís to convert over to TGAnet until 9/31/2010, as there is no negative impact or disadvantage in deciding to implement now instead of waiting for OTCnet. If you decide to wait until OTCnet then you can start in the March/April 2011 time period.

If I am an FI using CashLink II, can I assume my agency is not a TGAnet user?Is my conversion dependent on theirs?
That is a correct assumption if your FI is only servicing one agency. There could be FIís who are servicing several agencies who have a mixture of agencies on TGAnet and others still reporting through CashLink. After CashLink is decommissioned FIís will only be able to report deposits through the upgraded TGAnet application called OTCnet. Your conversion to TGAnet is independent of the agencyís conversion if you decided to convert prior to the agency. However, you will have to convert at the same time as the agency if you are not on TGAnet prior to the time the agency intends to convert.

What equipment is needed to convert?
No equipment is needed to convert to TGAnet. The FI will need internet capabilities to access to the TGAnet web site.

So are you saying the financial institutions must be reporting the same way as the agency? If the agency is not converted to TGAnet will the FI still need to be reporting CashLink II? We have locations in many states and would not know they all converted.
Yes, the financial institutions must report the same way as the agency. This may require the FI to report two ways (TGAnet/OTCnet and CashLinkII) until all agencies for which the FI provides TGA bank services for convert from CashLink to OTCnet. We will include your bank which is a required part of the TGAnet enrollment process.
Yes, if the agency is not converted to TGAnet, the FI will need to continue deposit reporting in CashLink. The point we are emphasizing is that FIís need to take advantage of the window of opportunity to implement TGAnet and be proactive in positioning themselves for the impending change.

Should we enroll in TGAnet or OTCnet now?Is there a benefit to one over the other?
We encourage TGA banks to enroll in TGAnet before September 30, 2010 to get ahead of the rush that we anticipate in 2011. The advantage of converting to TGAnet now vs. waiting for OTCnet is that you will be automatically converted to OTCnet and will not have to endure a second conversion.

Cash Link users must convert to TGAnet by March or April 2011, when must we convert to TGAnet?
Cashlink users have a window of opportunity to convert to TGAnet through September 30, 2010. A moratorium on TGAnet implementations will take effect October 1, 2010. If Cashlink users do not convert to TGAnet by September 30, 2010, they must convert to OTCnet starting April 2011 but no later than Fall 2012.

What steps do we make to convert to TGAnet from Cash Link II?
TGA banks must contact the following FMS customer support offices which have staff prepared to guide you through the TGAnet conversion process:

  • OTC Channel Customer Service Center, (866) 945-7920

  • FRB St Louis TGA Bank Customer Support, (866) 771-1842

  • Reginald McKinney, OTCD, (202) 874-6893

What is the cost to agencies that are not on TGAnet?
There is no cost to TGA or ITGA banks for enrolling in or using the TGAnet system.

Is the BMS going to be available via OTCnet or is this a separate application?
The BMS is not going to be available through OTCnet. The BMS is a separate application and similar to the need for agencies and banks to convert from Cashlink II to a new system (OTCnet) for deposit reporting, banks will need to convert from Cashlink II to a new system (BMS) to perform monthly reporting of expenses.

Question, who should we contact as far as the TGA enrolment?
Agencies and TGA banks can contact the following FMS contacts for assistance with TGAnet enrollment:

  • OTC Channel Customer Service Center, (866) 945-7920

  • FRB St Louis TGA Bank Customer Support, (866) 771-1842

  • Reginald McKinney, OTCD, (202) 874-6893

We're a Cash Link TGA bank and our largest agency depositor is the commissary and they does not have plans to move to TGAnet. They're waiting for OTCnet. Will the Cash Link thing convert to OTCnet, February/March 2011?
It is possible for TGA banks to implement TGAnet by September 30, 2010, in advance of the agencies they service, and from a strategy perspective, the benefit to TGA banks is that you would not be subjected to a second conversion to OTCnet (the TGAnet to OTCnet conversion will be done via an automated tool), and are in the ready position for when the agency does convert to OTCnet. DeCA and other agencies that have not converted to TGAnet will begin to convert to OTCnet in the April/May 2011 timeframe, but no later than Fall 2012.

Next question, so far Ė so for clarification, it's Cash Link II, it's not the same as TGAnet. And if weíre using Cash Link II, we do have to change to TGAnet, to then change again to OTCnet. As a FI, how will the customers who make the deposits know also to convert?
CashLink II is not the same as TGAnet. However they share one common element - deposit reporting functionality. Our modernization efforts are designed to eliminate duplicate systems and duplicative functionality. Because CashLink II is being decommissioned, which eliminates the deposit reporting functionality, agencies and supporting TGA banks must transition to the new system that will be the standard for deposit reporting for all OTC TGA/ITGA bank deposit activity. Itís not entirely accurate to say that customers using CashLink II have to change to TGAnet, "to then change again to OTCnet." TGAnet customers must convert to OTCnet by 2011, and this conversion will be seamless to users. An automated tool will be used to transition all users to OTCnet electronically. While we welcome TGA banks that would be willing to proactively encourage their agency customers to convert to TGAnet by September 30, 2010 or OTCnet at the earliest opportunity starting April/May 2011, FMS is ultimately responsible for communicating with agencies and conducting outreach to inform agencies on the need to convert from legacy systems to the new end state systems.

Will the agency still be bringing in vouchers and monetary deposits to the financial institution and as they deal with Cash Link?
Agencies will bring in a "deposit ticket" along with the physical deposit to the TGA bank, similar to what they do as a CashLink II user. TGAnet (and OTCnet) eliminate the paper based SF 215 voucher. The deposit reporting system will be web based and agencies will print out a deposit ticket to present along with the physical deposit to TGA banks.

I do CashLink reporting for agencies in three cities accepting a deposit at different branches. Will the TGAnet system be able to work like the CashLink II system over distance through States?
The TGAnet as well as the OTCnet system (once TGAnet is merged and becomes OTCnet) are capable of processing multiple deposits in any State or country and from multiple locations. This will be supported by reporting for deposit activity by location.

If we are currently using Cash Link II and some of our depositors do convert to TGAnet, will we have to utilize two systems until 2012?
FMS is aggressively working with agencies to instill a sense of urgency to convert to TGAnet by September 30, 2010 or to OTCnet by the Fall of 2012. We do have a challenge to work with agencies, to convert all agencies and TGA banks currently relying on CashLink II for deposit reporting to OTCnet by 2012. But until all agencies are converted to OTCnet, a TGA bank may encounter the need to perform deposit reporting in two systems.

So we can be enrolled in TGAnet, but still use Cash Link II or will we use whichever system the agency is enrolled in, if so, how do we handle our monthly expense reporting if we are using two systems?
There will be a transitional period if you will, where we'll have some of our TGA banks on both systems because they are supporting customers who are doing deposit reporting in both systems. FMS is aggressively working with agencies to instill a sense of urgency to convert to TGAnet by September 30, 2010 or to OTCnet by the Fall of 2012. But until all agencies are converted to OTCnet, a TGA bank may encounter the need to perform deposit reporting in two systems.

How will the banks know that the agency is now involved in TGA net?Will it be because they will be using the new deposit slip rather than the (SF 215)?
The banks will know they have an agency customer that is a TGAnet agency because there will be coordination with the supporting TGA bank during the conversion process. Agency conversion personnel from Citibank, the Financial Agent designated by FMS to serve as the OTC channel service provider, will contact the supporting TGA bank because specific bank and account information is needed to properly set up the agency in TGAnet. The agency conversion process requires outreach to the supporting TGA bank.

Will there be any technical information available or discussed, relating to how the transition should be implemented?
The TGAnet functionality of the OTCnet system is very close to how TGAnet works today and the ďlook and feelĒ of the OTCnet system is also very close to TGAnet. With the transition being done through an automated tool, we are expecting a seamless transition affecting FIís and Agencies that convert from TGAnet to OTCnet. More information will be forthcoming as we set a date for the transition. As for the technical information, we are working on putting the information together and it will be posted to the OTCnet Web site soon.

Where do we locate technical instructions on converting from CashLink to TGAnet?
If you are interested in converting from CashLink to TGAnet, please contact FMS to express your interests. FMS will provide you with the basic information to get you started and put you in contact with the Citibank Deployment Team that will work with you to get all the necessary information to set you up and convert to TGAnet. It is a step by step process and they will help you through the entire process.

Will there be any changes to the current SF 215 and SF 5515 and any other forms once we change to TGAnet and onto the OTCnet?
No changes are planned for either SF 215 or SF 5515 reports in the first release of OTCnet. Down the road there may be changes, but we are currently not aware of any changes to these two reports. For forms, there will be changes in subsequent releases of OTCnet, but those have not been fully defined yet.

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