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Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)


IPP helps federal agencies avoid Prompt Payment penalties by supporting more efficient invoice processing while automating invoice collection, validation and approval workflows. Vendors can manage their receivables more easily using one system to transact with multiple agencies.

  • IPP saves federal agencies and vendors time and money by automating formerly paper-based processes, and it is offered at no charge.

  • IPP partners with Treasury’s Do Not Pay business center to help prevent, reduce and stop improper payments.

  • IPP provides one integrated, secure platform located outside of agencies' core financial systems.

  • IPP improves financial management by promoting standard processes to manage government invoices with increased controls.

  • IPP is configurable to support agencies' business rules and is compatible with existing business systems.

  • IPP is supported by the Treasury Department, which oversees all upgrades and enhancements.

For additional information on IPP, see the Web site at https://www.ipp.govExit FMS Web site.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014