CCMM: On Track for a 2012 Finish

By Shannon Koppers, Modernization Planning Office

The Collections and Cash Management Modernization (CCMM) initiative is a multi-year effort designed to improve and simplify the Financial Management Service's (FMS's) collection and cash management programs. CCMM will reduce the number of systems used for each collection channel; lead to the use of gateway applications for various settlement mechanisms; and centralize most transaction and deposit reporting to agencies through a single program, the Transaction Reporting System (TRS). At the completion of the CCMM initiative all federal agencies will have transitioned from CA$HLINK II to TRS for deposit reporting. The CCMM initiative is still on track for a completion date of Dec. 31, 2012.


As the completion of CCMM quickly approaches, milestones are being met. The Bank Management Service and Treasury Collateral Management and Monitoring system went in production in November and December 2011, respectively, replacing parts of CA$HLINK II and the Treasury Tax and Loan (TT&L) Plus application. TT&L Plus was deactivated in January 2012 and the responsibility for it was transferred to Treasury's Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary. The Treasury Investment Program application also was deactivated in March 2012 and is scheduled to be officially decommissioned on June 30, 2012. OFAS is responsible for implementing a new investment program, along with the responsibility of the investment business area as a whole.


There still remains much work to be done for FMS to declare success on the CCMM initiative. One of the main tasks at hand is that all federal agencies need to convert from legacy systems to new end state systems. In particular, all agencies are expected to be enrolled and using TRS by Aug. 31, 2012. Agencies need to complete modifications to their systems and processes so that they may be able to accept downloads or have a system-to-system interface with TRS, instead of CA$HLINK II, by Sept. 30, 2012. They also must convert from Paper Check Conversion Over the Counter or CASHLINK II to OTCnet by Oct. 31, 2012. Furthermore, with the build out of TRS connections to FMS systems TRS is on schedule to begin capturing all necessary data going forward by Sept. 30, 2012. CA$HLINK II scheduled downloads of the Fedwire Message Query and REX ACH Query will be shut down on Sept. 30, 2012.

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   Last Updated:  July 26, 2012