CCMM 2011: On Track for All Fall Milestones

By Shalene Gupta, Modernization Planning Office

As the name implies, the Collections and Cash Management Modernization (CCMM) initiative is a multi-year effort designed to modernize and simplify the Financial Management Service’s collection and cash management programs. Before CCMM began, many programs handled the receipt of collections transactions, the settlement of transactions, and reporting of transactions to Federal Program Agencies (FPA's) and Treasury systems. Several of these programs had redundant functionality. However, under CCMM fewer programs will provide this same functionality. Each program will serve one purpose. Money will enter the government’s systems through collection channels, gateway applications will handle settlement, and reporting will occur through Transaction Reporting System (TRS). The following is a summary of CCMM updates since the beginning of the year and upcoming information.


As of December 30, 2010, Federal Tax Deposit coupons are no longer processed by depositaries across the country. This marks the end of the Paper Tax System (PATAX) application and will lead to lower tax processing costs.

On February 5, 2011, the Over-the-Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) went into production. On March 22, the Over-the-Counter division transitioned FPA's off the Treasury General Account Deposit reporting Network (TGAnet) onto OTCnet, effectively shutting down TGAnet. Through the end of 2012, OTCnet will replace the Paper Check Conversion Over-the-Counter (PCC OTC) program as well. An important step in this direction occurred in June, when OTCnet implemented offline check processing. FPA's that receive cash and check deposits from the public are encouraged to begin using OTCnet as soon as possible.

The Debit Gateway’s release 1.3 went into production on April 11. This release contains functionality needed to process Electronic Check Processing (ECP) transactions from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lockboxes. Over the coming months all of the IRS lockbox institutions will convert to using the Debit Gateway in conjunction with ECP.


In the fall, the Debit Gateway will implement the capability to handle more Check 21 agencies directly. Furthermore, it will also add the ability to handle corrections, adjustments and reversals. By March 2012, the Debit Gateway will be performing settlements for and ECP transactions with corrections/adjustments and reversals.

Also this fall, additional CA$HLINK II reports will be available in TRS. Furthermore in early 2012, TRS will receive information on imaged check deposits from OTCnet and information on Financial Agent-settled items as well as summary tax information from ECP. By the end of the year, it is expected that all FPA's using CA$HLINK II will be enrolled in TRS.

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   Last Updated:  August 24, 2011