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Missing Federal Check Payments

1. A check payment issued to me by the Treasury Department is either lost or may have been stolen. What must I do to have it reissued?

Contact the paying agency (e.g., Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs) and report the circumstances. You will be sent information on the check claims process. Once the necessary claim forms are returned for processing and you wish to inquire about the status of your claim, telephone (855) 868-0151.

2. How do I get an expired check reissued?

Check recipients who are in the possession of an expired Treasury check must contact the federal agency (SSA, OPM, VA, etc.) which authorized issuance of the check payment.

3. I am interested in receiving my federal payment electronically (direct deposit) instead of a check payment. What must I do? ?

If an individual has a bank account and is interested in receiving his/her payment by direct deposit, click here.

4. I do not have a bank account, but I would like to find out about opening one so that I can receive my payment by direct deposit. What must I do?

If an individual does not have a bank account but would like to open one so that his/her payment can be received by direct deposit, click here.

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014