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The information provided on this form is collected by FRB Dallas. The primary financial institution Contact information will be used for Government purposes only. All other information you provide will be made available on the Internet at to publicize the ETA service your financial institution provides.

Financial Institution Headquarters Information

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Customer Service Telephone Number (Optional):

This number will be published on the Internet at (ETA Provider locator Web site) as the central telephone number for public inquiries concerning your financial institution's ETA offering.

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We will provide a link from to your institution's Web site if it includes information about your ETA.

Primary Financial Institution Contact:

Contact Name:

This will be the person to whom the Government will direct Program materials and any questions regarding your ETA.



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ETA Features:

Please provide the following information about your financial institution's ETA:

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If there is no monthly fee for your ETA, please enter "0".

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For questions concerning this form, please contact:

Shirley Hopkins
Phone: (202) 874-6926
Fax: (202) 874-7161

Financial institutions may call 1 (888) ETA-FRBK (382-3725) for information about enrolling in the ETA program.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014