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Top 10 Providers

Below are the top 10 providers in order of the number of active ETA's as of July 2012. These statistics are updated on a quarterly basis.

  1. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
  2. JPMorgan Chase Bank, Chicago, IL
  3. US Bank, Milwaukee, WI
  4. Union Bank of California, Oakland, CA
  5. Doral Bank, Catano PR
  6. Metabank, SD
  7. Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH
  8. Oriental Bank and Trust, San Juan, PR
  9. UMB Bank, NA, Kansas City, MO
  10. Ponce De Leon Federal Bank, Bronx, NY

Active ETAs

As of July 2012, there are 167,596 account holders.

ETASM Conjoint ReportPDF File
The conjoint analysis survey was undertaken in 1999 to gauge Federal benefit check recipientsí receptiveness to various combinations of bank account attributes. The results of this study are subject to certain errors and may not represent the Federal benefit recipient population as a whole.

ETA Initiative Final Report (Dove Associates)PDF File
Overall objective of this work: Assist Treasury in the finalization of ETA product specifications and network/distribution options to meet the EFT 99 mandate.

Also see: EFT Web site for Reports and Statistics related to EFT volumes.

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014