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Regulations and Guidance

Program Implementation Guide for ETASM ProvidersPDF File
This document highlights important information needed by providers as they begin offering ETAs. This guide should be used as a reference document that describes a provider's responsibilities related to the ETA Program and to its ETA customers. The guide also contains provider instructions for obtaining compensation of the one-time payment (set-up fee) for each ETA established.

ETA Final NoticeText File
On September 25, 1998, Treasury issued 31 CFR Part 208, which provides, in part, that any individual who receives a Federal benefit, wage, salary, or retirement payment shall be eligible to open an account called an ETA at any federally insured financial institution that chooses to offer ETAs. On November 23, 1998, Treasury published for comment in the Federal Register a notice setting forth proposed terms, conditions, and attributes of the ETA. Based on the comments received, Treasury has developed a listing of required attributes and optional features for the ETA, which are the subject of this notice. An appendix to this notice is the Financial Agency Agreement that Treasury enters with each financial institution that elects to offer ETAs.

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