<strong>EagleCash</strong> card

EagleCash™ is a stored value card-based cash management program used by government agencies to reduce the amount of U.S. currency required to support contingency areas of operations. Deployed personnel are issued and utilize EagleCash™ cards, rather than cash, to make purchases at Post Exchanges (PX), PX concessions, military Postal facilities, and locally sponsored vendors, as well as for specialized applications of the system.

Rather than going to an installation Finance Office to cash a check or obtain a payroll advance (Casual Pay), card holders are able to access their funds from their bank account electronically via self-service EagleCash™ kiosks, which are placed at convenient locations where the EagleCash™ system is utilized. The PX, concessionaires, local vendors, and postal facilities are able to accept the EagleCash™ Card via program Point of Sale (POS) devices. Applicable agencies who are responsible for the overall management of the EagleCash™ system at a particular location (e.g., local finance offices) are able to collect, update, and perform exchanges, as required and authorized, utilizing a specific program application on an EagleCash™ laptop.

EagleCash cards are a type of payment card referred to as Stored Value Cards (SVC) and can interface with automated kiosk devices located at convenient locations on the camp/base, which allow enrolled cardholders self-service access to funds in their U.S.-based checking or savings accounts. Funds on the card can be used to purchase goods and services at the Post Exchange or Base Exchange, Postal facility, and most concessionaires on base. Each EagleCash kiosk transaction reduces Finance Office accountability and workload, and saves servicepersons time and money.

EagleCash has been in existence since 1997 and can be found on more than 30 U.S. military installations in twelve countries around the world.

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   Last Updated:  June 04, 2014