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The purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit your feedback about our recent Webinar for states. Thank you in advance for providing us with this valuable information.

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3. Was the Webinar a convenient venue for your state to learn about TOP UIC Debt Referrals?

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4. Did you receive information that helped you better understand the steps States must take for participation in TOP?

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5. Did you benefit overall from the Webinar’s Question and Answer (Q&A) session?

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7. Do you plan on participating in TOP in 2012?

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8. Who will be your state’s central point of contact for TOP UIC Debt Referrals?

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9. Would your state like to arrange a teleconference with IRS to discuss the Safeguard Procedures Report?

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10. Would your state like to arrange a teleconference with FMS and Labor to discuss the program and technical requirements of the Treasury Offset Program?

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11. Is there any additional information we can provide you on the Treasury Offset Program?

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   Last Updated:  March 25, 2014