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Data Exchange Listing
OTC_DepositSubtotals [0..1]
PaperCurrencyBreakdown [0..7]
CoinCurrencyBreakdown [0..6]

Element Information
DefinitionInformation about the breakdown of cash, currency, and checks that make up the deposit.
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
TotalAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Indicates the total absolute dollar amount of items.
ChecksMoneyOrdersSubtotalAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Represents the total value of the checks and money orders contained within a deposit.
CheckCountoptional0,1,2,..nRepresents the number of checks in a deposit.
MoneyOrderCountoptional0,1,2,..nRepresents the number of money orders within a deposit.
PaperCurrencySubtotalAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Represents the value of paper currency contained within the deposit.
CoinCurrencySubtotalAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Represents the total value of coins contained within the Deposit.
CurrencySubtotalAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Represents the value of coin and paper currency contained within a deposit.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <OTC_DepositSubtotals> element contains 2 children elements and has a sequence content model. The sequence content model means that there is a particular order to the children elements of the parent element - in this case, the <OTC_DepositSubtotals> element has a particular order of elements that must be followed.

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