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GovernmentDepositAccount [0..1]

Element Information
DefinitionInformation about the deposit account for the government agency.
Content ModelThe <GovernmentDepositAccount> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
ReporterIdentifier[0..1] String [0, 30]Identification of the person or entity submitting the transaction to the channel application.
FRB_DistrictCode[0..1]01 [FRB Boston], 02 [FRB New York], 03 [FRB Philadelphia], 04 [FRB Cleveland], 05 [FRB Richmond], 06 [FRB Atlanta], 07 [FRB Chicago], 08 [FRB St. Louis], 09 [FRB Minneapolis], 10 [FRB Kansas City], 11 [FRB Dallas], 12 [FRB San Francisco]Identifies a District Code of a Federal Reserve Bank.
FRB_OfficeCode[0..1] String [0, 1]Identifies an Office Code within a District of a Federal Reserve Bank.
FRB_AccountKeyCode[0..1] String [3, 3]Identifies the FRB Account Key that is used within the Federal Reserve. The FRB Account Key is used by FRB CASH-LINK in combination with the RTN to determine the appropriate CASHLINK II CAN. The FRB Account Key is similar to the CAN, but is only used for FRB financial activity.
CashlinkAccountNumber[0..1] [0-9]{6}A six-digit identifier representing a combination of a CASHLINK Account Type, RTN and FI account, deposit funds availability, and cost code information, as well as potentially other factors.
CustomerAccountsReceivableSystemNumber[0..1] [0-9]{6}A CARS/Bank Management Service defined number identifying an account.
CostCenterWorkUnitCode[0..1] String [4, 4]Identifies a cost center work unit for FRB vouchers and transactions.
NonTreasuryFundCode[0..1]NGAF [Non Government Agency Fund], CIHO [Cash and Investments Held Outside of Treasury]An identifier used to indicate whether funds are a non-governmental agency or a government agency that holds cash outside of Treasury.
IsCommercialBank[0..1] 1|0Indicates if the item was settled through a commercial depositary.

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