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Enterprise Data Architecture
Transmission Business Message

Data Exchange Listing
PaymentDetail [0..unbounded]
PartyDetail [0..unbounded]
PaymentClassification [0..100]
Address [0..1]
ProcurementDetails [0..1]
ACH_Payment [1..1]
CheckPayment [1..1]
WirePayment [1..1]

Element Information
DefinitionContains pertinent information about a specific payment.
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
IsTOP_Offsetrequired 1|0Indicates the payment eligibility of the payment offset.
EligibleForOffsetAmountoptionalDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Indicates the amount of the payment that is eligible for offset. This is sent to TOP for offsetting purposes.
AgencyPaymentTypeCodeoptional [exact length: 1] [A-Z0-9]Internal agency code used to identify the type of payment within the specific agency.
DiscretionaryTextoptional String [0, 100] [A-Z0-9"&'>< !#$%\(\)\+\*,\./:;=?@\[\]\\\^_`{}\|~\-]*Free-form field for agency’s use in reconciling the payment using PACER.
AmountrequiredDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00The transaction amount.
PayeeNameoptional String [0, 47]The person to which the payment instrument is made payable.
PayeeIdentifieroptional String [0, 16]Account number used internally by an agency to identify a payee.
PaymentIDrequired String [0, 20]Identifier assigned by the agency that is unique within the Schedule. When combined with the Schedule Number, AgencyLocationCode, and Fiscal Year, this makes a globally unique identifier for the payment.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <PaymentDetail> element contains 7 children elements and has a multiple content model where there exists more than one content model (sequence, choice, all or some combination of these three content models). Please review the XML Schema document to fully understand the implications of the multiple content model.

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