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TreasuryAccountSymbol [0..1]

Element Information
DefinitionThe Treasury Account Symbol is an identification code assigned by Treasury, in collaboration with OMB and the owner agency, to an individual appropriation, receipt, or other fund account. (These accounts are defined in I TFM 2-1500.)
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
Sub-levelPrefixCodeoptional [0-9]{2}When populated, represents a programmatic breakdown of the account for Treasury publication purposes.
AllocationTransferAgencyIdentifieroptional [0-9]{3}Represents the agency receiving funds through an allocation transfer.
AgencyIdentifierrequired [0-9]{3}Identifies a major department or independent agency of the Federal government. Within the Treasury Account Symbol, this is used in conjunction with the main account code. The Agency Identifier represents the department, agency or establishment of the U.S. Government that is responsible for the Treasury Account Symbol.
BeginningPeriodOfAvailabilityoptional [0-9]{4}In annual and multiyear accounts, identifies the first year of availability under law that an account may incur new obligations.
EndingPeriodOfAvailabilityoptional [0-9]{4}In annual and multiyear accounts, identifies the last year of availability under law that an account may incur new obligations.
AvailabilityTypeCodeoptionalX [No Year account.], F [Clearing/Suspense account], A [Treasury Central Summary General Ledger account], M [Merged Surplus account]Identifies no-year accounts (X), clearing/suspense accounts (F), Treasury central summary general ledger accounts (A), and merged-surplus accounts (M).
MainAccountCoderequired [0-9]{4}Identifies the type and purpose of the fund.
Sub-accountCoderequired [0-9]{3}Identifies an available receipt or other Treasury-defined subdivision of the main account.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <TreasuryAccountSymbol> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

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