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Enterprise Data Architecture
Transmission Business Message

Business Message Listing
BusinessTransaction [1..unbounded]
FinancialTransaction [0..unbounded]
TreasuryAccountClassification [0..unbounded]
Agency [0..1]
ServicingAgency [0..1]
ServicedAgency [0..1]
SubmitterDetail [0..1]
FiscalDateDetail [0..1]
TradingPartnerExtensions [0..1]

Element Information
DefinitionA set of financial or non-financial transactions for a specific business event.
Content ModelThe <BusinessTransaction> element contains 8 children elements and has a sequence content model. The sequence content model means that there is a particular order to the children elements of the parent element - in this case, the <BusinessTransaction> element has a particular order of elements that must be followed.
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
ID[1..1] String [0, 80]An identifier for the record. For a receiving system, this value can be used to reconcile updates to an existing record and qualify new records. For a sending system, this value can be used to reconcile acknowledgements for the submitted records.
TotalAmount[0..1]Decimal [20, 2]Indicates the total absolute dollar amount of items.
TotalCount[0..1]0,1,2,..nIndicates the total number of items.
AgentInitialIdentifier[0..1] String [0, 80]An identifier for the Financial Agent that initially received the transaction.
SourceSubProgramText[0..1] String [0, 40]The initial FMS subprogram that processes a transaction. There can be up to four subprograms associated with a transaction.
SourceProcessingProgramText[0..1] String [0, 40]The initial FMS program that processes the transaction. There can be up to four programs associated with a transaction.
ReportingSubProgramText[0..1] String [0, 40]There are subprograms at more than the reporting and source level. There could be up to four subprograms involved in a transaction.
ReportingProgramText[0..1] String [0, 40]There are programs at more than the reporting and source level.
AgencyAccountIdentifier[0..1] String [0, 40]An identifier used by the agency for an account, for example, a Lockbox Number.
InitialLocation[0..1] String [0, 80]Initial location of the point of deposit; i.e., a bank branch identifier.
IsUpdate[0..1] 1|0Indicates if the item is an original transaction or an update.
ChannelInitiationDate[1..1] YYYY-MM-DDThe date that the public or an agency (on behalf of a public remitter or as a remitter itself) initiates or sends a transaction to FMS (or an agent or depositary).
IsIntragovernmental[0..1] 1|0Identifies transactions where both payer and payee are federal government entities.
AgencyFormNumber[0..1] String [0, 80]A number assigned by the agency to identify the agency's form.
AgencyFormName[0..1] String [0, 80]A name assigned by the agency to identify the agency's form.
AgencyBillName[0..1] String [0, 80]A name assigned by agency to identify the agency's bill.
OMB_ControlNumber[0..1] String [0, 80]A number assigned by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to uniquely identify a government form.
ChannelBatchIdentifier[0..1] String [0, 40]Identifies the input batch in which the transaction was reported to the channel application.
GroupIdentifier[0..1] String [0, 80]A generated identifier used to link transactions within the same lifecycle.
ChannelReceiptDate[1..1] YYYY-MM-DDThe date that FMS (or an agent or depositary) receives a transaction.
ConfirmedDate[1..1] YYYY-MM-DDThe date that an FMS system or service electronically records or confirms a transaction.
CollectionBusinessDate[1..1] YYYY-MM-DDThe date that collections information is centralized prior to subsequent reporting.

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